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Big Brother 13, July 28 – Like a Pimple You Can't Pop

Daniele has dug herself quite a hole this week on Big Brother. I’m sure it’s making her dad really nervous. There’s nothing wrong with big game moves, but you can’t burn through your remaining alliance trying to pull it off. She managed to alienate everyone. She has a lot riding on tonight.

Dominic was not surprised at all that Brendon and Rachel didn’t keep their word and kept him and Adam on the block. Adam wasn’t surprised either, but was pretty sure he would be safe. Jeff was glad, because he wanted Dominic out, since he was getting too close to Dani. She’s just wondering what kind of crazy pills Brenchel are taking and knows they will end up with regrets.

Daniele marches up to the HoH and tells them that she will be pissed if Dominic goes home, saying she’s done nothing but help them all out. Brenchel are there as a couple, but she’s by herself. They were afraid Dominic would turn on them, but she pointed out they couldn’t be 100% convinced Adam wouldn’t turn on them. Brendon decides he’s not going to stand for it, saying he knows she just wants to be final two with Dominic.

Now that the veto wasn’t used, Jeff felt safe to start talking He wanted to know who was trying to backdoor him. Dominic told him it was obvious Jeff thought it was him, but it was not his idea. Jeff wondered if it magically appeared like Kazoo from the Flinstones next to his ear. Dominic obviously didn’t want to throw Dani under the bus, but it was her idea and plan, and now he’s the one that’s stuck. Jeff and Jordan then compare notes, and she thinks Kalia is acting fishy.

Dominic heads to the HoH to talk to Brenchel and Jeff. He tells them again backdooring Jeff wasn’t his idea. Jeff tells Dominic he was 100% safe with them as they were trying to get rid of the weaker players. They know who it is that wanted to backdoor him. Dominic points out they know it wasn’t his idea, but just because he didin’t tell them about it, now he’s being blamed. Jeff calles him an accessory. He was an accessory to an attempted backdoor apparently. Dominic tries to point out Adam is just going to roll which whomever is in power, as he’s a total floater.

Kalia tries to talk to Brendon who only goes off on her. She just wants to touch base since they haven’t talked since week one. He just hears “lies lies lies” from her. He’s trying to call her out for going against them, and tells her he studied rocket science, and this is way easier. She tells him to relax, but he instead calls her an all-time floater. She gets ticked and tells him he doesn’t know her and is a terrible listener. He yells to her to do her own dishes. What a weird little argument it was. She’s just tired of his “cocksure cavalier I-run-this-house, I’ve-been-to-this-rodeo-before” attitude.

A house meeting is called so that everyone can get it all out in the open. Jeff is still up in arms about people wanting to backdoor him. Again, that’s the point of the game. Kalia is told she just needs to go report back to her boss, meaning Dani. Dominic is told “your friend will stab you in the back and send you out the door without even a pity vote.” Dani calls Rachel an idiot, and Brendon tells her not to call his fiancé an idiot. Dominic should have started packing right then.

Once they go live, everyone is wearing comfy clothes, so its obvious it’s going to be endurance. Julie Chen asks Kalia where her relationship stands with everyone after the meeting, and she thinks everyone there is a grownup and knows it’s a game, but she probably doesn’t realize that Brenchel doesn’t get that. Dani just says she’s been through worse in this house. She didn’t come here to be part of a dictatorship though.

Adam gives a boring speech thanking everyone, but Dominic lays it out there, knowing he’s going home and can’t change anything. He thanks everyone, then mentions that some of them are spineless jellyfish riding up people’s backs. He finishes it saying if he had others to play with in the game other than the last week, there would have been a real game to be played.

Dominic was voted out with only Dani voting for him to stay. Kalia voted him out through tears. Outside the house, he tells Julie he never had a chance, as the newbies didn’t want to fight and were always running to a stronger alliance. He notes Dani was the only one who wanted to fight with him and the only one strong enough to go against the veterans. He tells Julie he wasn’t playing her and that they had a real bond. He believes he definitely overplayed the game in the beginning.

In Dominic’s goodbye messages, Shelly feels bad for him taking the fall. He is a handsome guy who was left holding the bag, but he’ll soon learn, “Ladies, can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.” Dani explains she came into the game saying she was going to play with no emotions, but words can’t even express how bad she feels to seem him go because of her. Lawon tells Dominic he won’t be able to get rid of him as he’s like a pimple you can’t pop. Jeff and Jordan leave a joint message as she says, “Like Rachel would say, ‘Nobody comes between me and my man.'”

Porsche, Dani, and Shelly can compete again, and the game is now individuals, yet Julie promises the twists are far from over. The remaining houseguests go outside for the endurance comp and find a winter wonderland of sorts. They have to balance on sets of skis. The first five people eliminated each have to pick a large snowball. They contain either a bad or good prize, and one of them contains $10,000.

Predictably, no one falls off the skis before the hour on CBS wraps. It will most likely be similar to the surfboard challenge last year, one that benefited those with smaller feet. Dani not only wants it bad, she absolutely needs this for her survival. Will she get it?

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