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Big Brother 13 Spoilers, July 28 – Winner of the Endurance Comp

There was a lot riding on this week’s Head of Household competition on Big Brother. There were some major lines being drawn in the sand this week with the breakup of the veterans’ alliance. Brendon has somehow assumed the position of Household Bully, giving anyone that crosses his woman a hard time. Daniele was caught trying to break up her alliance and somehow got the entire house against her. Kalia was caught for just being friends with her.

Dani’s partner-in-crime, Dominic, was voted out, leaving her alone. Kalia voted Dominic out, but it was apparent she’d lost the support of the house anyway. With perfect timing, we had our first endurance comp since the original one to start the game off. This time, Rachel couldn’t compete, as the outgoing HoH. But Shelly, Porsche, and Dani were back in it for the first time since earning their Golden Keys.

In a comp very similar to last year’s surfboard competition, they were now on skis and being pelted with a blizzard instead of waves. Once again, it favored those with smaller feet. Dani needed this one badly, and anyone that watched her compete in her prior season knows that she’s very competitive, is good at endurance, and has been chomping at the bit waiting to compete since her dad left the game.

Adam and Lawon were the first to fall. They picked the first two of the five giant snowballs, and while Lawon becomes a Have Not, Adam will be forced to wear an elf suit for the week. Jordan was declaring that her boyfriend wasn’t going home, and she was going to be up there all night to make sure. Brendon is the next to fall, and Jeff said if Brendon didn’t get the big money, he’d jump and take it. Brendon ended up becoming a Have Not as well.

Jeff was hurting, and Jordan told him to go ahead and jump. He did and ended up getting the $10,000. The problem is Jordan fell off right after him, and she got the last snowball, making her a Have Not. The left all women left with Shelly, Porsche, Kalia, and Dani. Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel cheered on Porsche, but she was the next one to fall, complaining that her booty had her at a disadvantage. There were no big snowballs left. No slop, but no money either, for Porsche.

Shelly was the next to fall, leaving just Dani and Kalia, who yelled out, “I love you Dom!” The others got really upset about it being between Kalia and Dani, and of course Rachel pouted. No one even stuck around to watch who won it, as these two are Public Enemy #1 and Public Enemy #2. Eventually Kalia fell, with Dani winning. It was still a victory for Kalia, though, as she noted everyone thought she was one of the weaker ones.

Rachel continued to pout, talking about how mean Dani is. Dani hugged Jordan and told her not to worry, as she was safe this week, but Jordan didn’t seem too receptive to it. Brendon continued his House Bully role, talking about how Kalia is a loser, and calling her and Dani bitches. He and Rachel noted that Dani can’t compete next week, as he said she’ll always be number two. They figured all this means is that she got to the jury, “Big Whoop!”

You would think the veterans would have understood this game a little better. Of course it was going to be endurance this week. Of course Dani was going to win it, or at least she had a huge shot at winning it. Endurance is her thing, she knew she needed it, and she’s been waiting to compete since her dad left. She needed it and wanted it. Brendon should have known better than to be taunting her and Kalia, and Jeff should have known better than to hold it against someone for wanting to make a good game move. Her nominations are going to be very interesting.

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