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So You Think You Can Dance, July 27 – Lady Gaga in Tears

Gaga thinks they’re both incredible dancers and they’re both amazing. She loved the big kicks with the brooms. She grew up in NYC and Stomp was just emerging then. Maybe it’s because Lauriann Gibson is her choreographer, but the interpretation of hip hop she found a little contrived, yet genuine and not funny. She loves a prop, but they made it special and not the prop. Rob doesn’t think we’re giving enough props to the choreographers tonight, but he finds the work exquisite. What astonishes him is the range, that these two guys can come out and do this.

Jason Gilkison put together a rumba for Jordan and Jess. It’s about a woman stuck in a very controlling relationship, and she’s blinded by her love by him. If they can pull it off, he thinks we’ll see a completely different side of them. They’re dancing to Set Fire to the Rain by Adele, and it’s definitely sexy, mores than you would expet of them. It’s not my favorite pairing, but they have more passion than I would have expected.

Nigel notes that they always talk about Jess’ lifts, but the one he did tonight was absolutely fabulous He did not feel the chemistry in the routine and notes the swayed back of, I think Jordan, was so much so that he could have eaten his lunch off it. It wasn’t his favorite of the night. Gaga notes there wasn’t anything wrong with it and some definitely beautiful moments. As an artist, she would have interpreted the song differently. Fire and Rain are two elements that ruin each other, yet were intertwined in the performance. They didn’t choose that though, so they did beautifully with what they had.

Rob thinks they brought out the best in each other. They come from theater, so he sees big theater careers for both of them. Mary agrees the lift was good and perhaps one of the best of the season. She again talks about the chemistry and the connection they didn’t find and the sensuality that can be found in that.

Sonya choreographed Melanie and Sasha in an all-girl jazz routine, and this just has spectacular written all over it before we even get started. Sonya iis excited, calling the two like amazing robotic dancing machines. Sasha brings in thick movement while Melanie brings in a more crazy vibe. They dance to Game On by District 78 and are absoultey stunning from the first move.

The judges give the two girls a standing ovation and Sonya is happy in the audience. Gaga tells them in the dance community when you do a good job you throw your shoe at the stage, so she throws her very large high heel at them. everybody can pack up and go home, as that was the performance of the evening. She doesn’t know what sex or race they’re from or how much money they come  from. She just knows that was the future and they were born this way.

Rob agrees it ws unbelievable, and gives it up to Sonya for the chogreoaphy. This show has eight nominations for Emmys, and five of those are for the choreographers. Mary adds, “Talk about strength and power!” They just brought it and threw it all over the stage. She also tells Sonya it was the best number of the night and the best one she’s ever done. Nigel figures Beyonce must have been inspired by Sasha to create Sasha Fierce. There is a tissue paper between the two of them, and he’s glad he doesn’t have to understand who is better. Gaga tosses her other shoe to Sonya. Nigel thinks one of them could be this year’s champion.

Looking at who the judges’ favorites are – Melanie, Sasha, Tadd, and Marko – it’s easy to see who will most likely go home tonight. The guy going  home will Ricky. They seem to like Jess much more than him. They also seem to like Jordan more than Caitlynn, but I wouldn’t be surprised at seeing either go home, but I think it will most likely be Caitlynn.

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