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So You Think You Can Dance, July 27 – Lady Gaga in Tears

Nigel doesn’t ever remember Lauren looking like that, saying she grew up. This style suits Tadd, in a Michael Jackson-esque way. He can’t believe Mandy did the Melanie and Neil’s routine, and now this one as well. They always have to remember that Tadd is a B-Boy and had never done choreography before. Somehow he picks up a style, sort of like a sponge. He won’t be biting the dust this week. Gaga thought it was amazing and really loves the style. She wishes Lauren’s shirt would have been buttoned up a little more, as she loved the androgynous thing. He doesn’t have to be boxed into anything and can be whatever he wants to be as a dancer.

Rob thinks the mark of a real pro is when you do lose your hat or get socked in the face, and it doesn’t matter as you kept going. He keeps surprising everyone, and that’s what Rob likes most about him. That’s something very special, and Tadd is very, very special. Mary notes he definitely put it all on cool tonight. He looked like a young Elvis Presley with those MIchael Jackson moves. When he swags it’s like no one else on the show. She just knows he’ll be there in the finale.

Marko Germar got together with All-Star Allison Halker on a Sonya Tayeh contemporary routine. She feels like everyone in the world right now could be a little bit nicer and less judgmental. This is about getting that damage to someone and basking in the guilt because of it, while it moves you to want to change. Jeff Buckley’s I Know It’s Over provides the backdrop to the piece. It’s yet another  beautifully danced and choreographed number. They’re really moving as one here.

Gaga has a tear-stained face standing there with the others in an ovation. Ellen is hooting and hollering while standing next to Sonya. Gaga, through tears, says she is just so proud of Marko. He really loves to dance, and she knows his mom is here. There were so many things she did wrong when she was younger and wishes she could take back. She felt every moment of that through his dance. No matter what number he he finishes here, who cares? He’s got it. Marko says this is the first time his mom has watched the show live, as she flew in from Guam yesterday. He wasn’t he best kid and tells his mom now he’s sorry.

Rob has to first talk about Allison and say she’s amazing and a true artist. To watch the two of them together was an incredible partnership. It was so fluid and beautiful. They’re all so moved by it because he brings himself to it. Mary is also fighting back the tears. It’s amazing, and they just can’t say that enough about him. He’s so sincere and honest, and takes the moves that everyone does and adds a volume and finish, taking it further than anyone else. He is by far her favorite dancer on the show.

Nigel thinks this is more than the competition. Seeing this and how he took this opportunity to speak to his mother, is an absolutely remarkable moment, because so many of us didn’t do that and now don’t have the chance of doing it. He hopes this gets other people to speak to their mothers as well.

Caitlynn and Tadd got together working on a Jonathan Roberts fox trot. It’s supposed to be Fred and Ginger, boy meets girl, as they dance cheek to cheek. They do this to Ella Fitzgerald’s Top Hat, White Tie and Tails. The looks so suave and debonaire that it’s hard to remember he’s a B-Boy. The judges say that every time, but it’s so true.

Rob calls it sparkling and can’t believe Tadd can do that coming from his background. It was like a black and white musical come to life. Caitlynn had some beautiful moves and this suits her perfectly, because she sparkles. Mary thinks the two of them are shining stars. It won’t go down as the most memorable of the night, but it was beautiful and elegant. She just needs more power in the steps. They could stand on their heads and she’d love it though.

Nigel thinks the B in B-Boy stands for ballroom. He was in heaven watching it, and he and Gaga were both wanting to get up and start dancing. Gaga loved it, especially the flower in Caitlynn’s hir, and the “I’m a star, look at me.” However, she sees Caitlynn’s hands saying,”I won a lot of trophies” a little too often. That’s great, but Gaga takes all her platinum records off the wall and pretends like she hasn’t sold one so that she can do it all over again. Caitlynn just needs to relax the hands and remind herself the trophy is in the closet as she works the flower.

Marko and Ricky are getting together on a Tabitha and Napoleon routine where they’re both waste management technicians. They’re dancing to Bad Boy for Llife by Diddy featuring Black Rob & Mark Curry. They’re dressed as janitors sweeping up. These two contemporary guys can bring the funk, that’s for sure. Marko, though, has the moves down a little more, and you can see what the judges are talking about saying Ricky doesn’t get down and stays too tall.

Since she was standing up cheering, Mary guesses it’s no secret that she loved it. She thougth this was a fabulous routine. If everybody could dance with brooms like that, this place would be a cleaner world. Nigel agrees it was fun and they were good characters. He can’t believe Marko looked so mean and nasty. Ricky is still a bit high, but the aerial sweeps they both did were fantastic. He has reservations about whether Ricky will be in the bottom this week, though, and thinks he will be.


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