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So You Think You Can Dance, July 27 – Lady Gaga in Tears

I get bringing the other guest judges on to So You Think You Can Dance, but I  am scratching my head a little at including Lady Gaga in all this. I mean I get it that she’s like the biggest superstar right now, but she’s not a dancer. Or is she? Maybe they’ll tell us she’s actually done years of study.

Also joining Gaga, Nigel Lythgoe, and Mary Murphy at the judges’ table is film director Rob Marshall. Gaga is wearing a red suit, a red hat, and has light green hair. For some reason, though, we’re not spending the time to talk to Gaga and Rob. We’re just forging straight ahead.

Dancing first tonight is Sasha Mallory, who is paired with Pasha Kovalev on a Jonathon Roberts quickstep. He explains it’s bizarre and like entering an alternate reality of a world turned upside down. They need to maintain their frame, and also have personality and be a little weird. They’re dancing tonight to Puttin’ on the Ritz by Terry Snyder, and they’re amazing together. It’s so crisp and sound of a routine. I think credit has to go to both of them.

Rob tells Sasha she is astonishing and that every time he sees her she is so classy and elegant and brings so much meaning to everything she does. She’s easily one of his favorites. For him, the genre doesn’t really show off everything she does so brilliantly, as she has such abandonment and joy when she dances. Mary agrees, saying she doesn’t know how Sasha copes with the quickstep from the world of dance that she comes from, but she absolutely pulled it off. On top of her magnificent stage presence, her body position was the best this season than anyone she’s seen do the quickstep.

Nigel notes everyone has been admitting over the last few weeks who their favorite dancers are in the competition, so he thinks it’s only fair that he puts himself out there to say that Sasha is his favorite by a hair’s breath. He thought she was a little stiff with the upper body line. She didn’t just put on the ritz, but a five-star performance. Gaga thinks Sasha is as shiny on the  outside as she is on the inside. She’s a beautiful soul and spirit and agrees with Mary that the choice to be a little strange was interesting, though it could have been a little more loose.

Caitlynn Lawson  gets paired with All-Star Ivan Koumaev on a Marty Kudelka hip hop, and he explains that in the story, Caitlynn is fed up with her man, and Ivan shows up and wins her over. Caitlynn ended up catching Marty off guard, showing him some soul he doesn’t think anyone knew she had. Tonight they dance to Mario’s Let Me Love You. I had forgotten how smoothe Ivan was, but Caitlynn fits in well with him, and they have some great chemistry, enough that he kisses her at the end, but way after the dance is finished.

Mary knows she’s not supposed to talk about the All Stars, but she hasn’t seen Ivan in so long, and he’s so brilliant, she can’t contain herself. The nuance he has to takes a teeny move and make it magical, it blows her mind. Caitlynn was really good, but not brilliant, yet really hung in there. Nigel thinks she’s a lovely dancer too. If she keeps her eye on Ivan, he has such a cool swag and sits down in that pocket, and she just needs to open her legs up a bit and get a firmer base and get down a little more. Yet, she stayed in character really well.

Gaga tells Caitlynn she is extremely sexy and the connection the two of them have is really magical. It’s a hard thing to do, this lyrical hip hop, and sometimes it can seem dated, but she did a wonderful job. She feels she gets a line in her center and actually stops, whereas Ivan just moves through it. Rob thinks she did great and finds it’s a beautiful style for her. She’s infectious when she dances and has a beautiful smile. He would like her to lose herself more when she dances. The queen of that, of course, is Gaga.

Jordan Casanova is working with All-Star Ade Obayomi on a Tyce Diorio routine, and he wanted to do something hot for them both. They’re supposed to be badasses and having a secret rendezvous. He wants to take all this style and make it one hot jazz number. Tonight they’re dancing to Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner. This sexy thing is when Jordan is at her best, and she and Ade have some god chemistry as well, like Caitlynn and Ivan.

Nigel asks if there is anything Jordan’s little body can’t do. It reminds him of the girls who get their dolls and do things like rip legs off. Gaga admits she used to cut their heads off. It was a fun routine, and Tyce got it right when he said they were both badasses. Jordan is a fabulous dancer with legs that go on forever. Gaga tells Jordan she gives her so much hope, as she’s really quite short. All she could stare at was her legs, and her favorite part was when she looked into the camera and said baby I’m a star.

Rob tells Tyce it was so beautiful and that he’s such a great choreographer. Tyce danced for him at one point, and is also an amazing dancer. Jordan is what he loves, because she does it with such abandon, even if she falls. There is such meaning on so many levels when she’s working. If he could scream like Mary, he would. Mary helps him out with a scream. Tyce wanted her to be a badass, and “By God, you certainly were.” She flourishes under the strong female roles, and it gets better every week. It’s astonishing how far she can take herself.


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