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Hell's Kitchen, July 25 – Will They Listen To a Girl?

Eventually both teams end up back in the dorms for the evening. Natalie is filling the guys in on their pre-service rituals when she was on Red. The guys are eager to try it in their own.

The red team is a nightmare. Elise has gotten some of the women so worked up over Carrie that now they are going on the attack. This show has a way of bringing out the absolute worst in a person.

The next day comes and the blue team is communicating and prepping every dish at every station for the evening’s service. The red kitchen has decided that rather than fight and argue it would be better to shut down all communications and not talk to anyone. This has disaster written all over it.

Chino and Gina will be out in the dining room tonight helping James with service. The doors to Hell’s Kitchen open. Since tonight is family night, in addition to the regular menu, there will be a children’s menu with spaghetti, chicken fingers, and burgers. As each table is seated, they will also be getting a pizza Margherita. It looks so good and makes me wish I had a wood oven in my kitchen!

Chino brings the first ticket up, but unfortunately for him, Chef Ramsay can’t read the ticket, and Chino forgot to ask about portion sizes. Chef Ramsay rips up the ticket and tells Chino to bug off. Gina follows right behind with a proper ticket. Elise is firing pizzas nicely. Chino has to be summoned to the pass to bring a ticket up to the window. Red kitchen has appetizers flying to the pass. Blue is far behind.

Tommy is being paged to the window with his chicken fingers. He asks Will what he thinks, and Will tells him that he feels they are burnt. Tommy disagrees and brings the chicken to the pass. Chef Ramsay brings the dry, over-cooked chicken back and asks Tommy if he would serve that to his own children. Chef Ramsay goes on to add that it looks like a baby flip-flop.

Red team has started serving entrees; it will be up to Carrie and Jennifer to get them out as smoothly as the appetizers. Jennifer gets the ticket entirely wrong. Everyone is so worried about what Carrie might or might not do that they aren’t paying attention to controlling the only thing they can control, themselves. Even though she is the one that told Carrie to cook the burger, Jennifer takes no blame for the screw-up.

Sous chef Scott tells his Blue kitchen staff that now is the chance they need to get caught up. Will starts vocalizing and keeping everyone in line. They have now gotten their first entrée ticket out ahead of the red kitchen. Amanda has made a mistake in timing with the fish; she has Chef Ramsay yelling to the left of her and Elise yelling in her right ear.

The blue kitchen is waiting for Natalie to call the order up; she is on the meat station. When she slices into the Wellington, it is too red. Luckily for her Red kitchen seems to be having just as many problems with the fish station. Amanda’s bass are going; Chef Ramsay asks about the cod. She never put any cod on the grill. Elise tells her she is going to be on the chopping block if she doesn’t get it together. You can see in Amanda’s face she is shutting down. She does that same chin thing I do when trying not to cry. You can see she is moments away from breaking down and this is only the first table of entrees.

The fish is finally ready from Amanda, but Chef Ramsay never even judges it. Carrie brings up lamb on the same ticket that is cold and raw. She tells him it looked good to her. Chef Ramsay instructs Gina to bring all of them around to every table and make them sincerely apologize for the fact that they have not gotten their dinners. They go back into the kitchen to pick up where they left off and Chef Ramsay tells them to get out.

Elise is looking at this as an opportunity to get Carrie out the door. Elise starts screaming and yelling at Carrie upstairs, blaming the entire night’s failures on her.

The blue team goes on to serve both dining rooms. Natalie is very happy with her team and her team is very happy with Natalie. After a few stumbles, they communicated and rocked the kitchens.

The red team heads back down to the dining room to face Chef Ramsay. He asks them where the group of last week, that so brilliantly worked together, has gone. Right away Elise opens her mouth blaming the entire evening on Carrie. He asks Jennifer what she thinks, and she also blames Carrie. He points out that while everyone is jumping on the Carrie bandwagon, no one stepped up and helped control the kitchen. Chef Ramsay then asks Krupa, and she says there is a huge problem with egos, specifically Carrie and Elise. I don’t think that ego is Carrie’s problem; I think she is overwhelmed. Ego, however, is most definitely Elise’s problem. Elise right away goes on the attack of Krupa.

Chef Ramsay decides he will pull the contestants out for elimination. His first choice is Jennifer. His second choice is Carrie. After thinking for a moment, he also calls Amanda down. In my opinion there are three problems up there. Amanda shut down and gave up. Carrie seemed unfocused and overwhelmed. Jennifer not only read the ticket wrong, but took no responsibility for her error. I’m not sure which is worse. What sits the worst for me, quite frankly, is Elise and her constant bullying and negativity, but I can’t choose her. I really don’t like when people don’t take responsibility for their actions. Although when someone just gives up, it might be hard to get them back into the game. The easy out is Carrie, but eliminating her will not stop the drama on that team.

Chef Ramsay asks them each why they need to stay. Carrie says that she needs to be here, that cooking is her passion. Amanda tells Chef Ramsay that she is going to admit she had a bad night, but believes that she can do better. She also decides to attack Carrie’s performance. Chef Ramsay acknowledges his concerns that she didn’t fight back from a bad service. Jennifer tells Chef Ramsay she is one of the hardest workers in the kitchen. Chef Ramsay tells her that he thought putting her in control of meat would have helped drive the entire service. He is disappointed that she didn’t step up to the plate. Jennifer also blames Carrie for her horrible performance.

Chef Ramsay sends Amanda home. He tells all of the chefs that this is an important lesson for all of them. They must never give up and always fight their way back. Hell’s Kitchen 101 … never quit, ever.

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