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Hell's Kitchen, July 25 – Will They Listen To a Girl?

I can’t remember a time in Hell’s Kitchen, that right off the bat, there has been such a weak Blue team. Tonight we find out which Red team member would make their way over to the Blue Kitchen. There are a couple of women that have trouble working together; hopefully it will be one of them. Last week Don Juan was booted off with his aura, if he hadn’t been, my guess is that Carrie would have gone over there. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from last week’s cheesy “call me baby” comment. Hopefully that ends the stupid shomance of HK 2011 season. Welcome back, now on to the show.

The show starts as it ended, with the guys wounded that chef Ramsay is sending someone over from the other team. I have to wonder if the other team was men also, if they would be having such a problem. They are 3 men down in the second week of the show; they haven’t come close to finishing a service. One would think they would welcome another set of hands. Paul seems to be the only voice of reason, looking more at adding another blue player instead of introducing a woman into the blue kitchen.

The women are trying to decide who to send over. Amanda tells everyone she is tired of the drama between Carrie and Elise. She knows if they aren’t separated it will be the downfall of that kitchen. Natalie and Amanda are volunteering to go over to blue just to get away from Carrie and Elise. Elise doesn’t see that she is a problem; Carrie seems to be sitting on the fence. She steps up and volunteers to go over with the guys. Personally, I think Carrie got in the wrong line at some reality tv casting call. She might be better suited for a show like the Bachelor.

In the wee hours of the next morning the contestants rise not to revile but to clowns. Yes, horn-beeping, silly string-streaming, confetti-throwing clowns. Carrie is scared and looks like she is going to cry, while Will looks like he is about to punch someone. Everyone dresses quickly and is greeted by Scott down in the dining room. He tells them Chef Ramsay thought since they cook like a bunch of clowns they should be awakened by a bunch of clowns.

Sous Chef Scott starts off the next challenge telling the contestants to unload a truck full of Stonefire Naan Bread. Naan bread is flat bread that is very popular in South and Central Asia. They finish unloading the truck and wait in the dining room for Chef Ramsay to join them. Chef Ramsay comes down and comments that the red team looks like an army. He asks who has volunteered to leave. Carrie speaks up and says she is leaving; he utters a few wows. Chef Ramsay announces the woman going over to the blue kitchen is not Carrie, it is Natalie. The red team is visibly upset by this. Natalie is thrilled.

Chef Ramsay asks Natalie what she thinks she can bring over there to help them. She comments that while she was over in blue kitchen last night it was clear to her that they need some organization skills. Will is disgusted. He is aggravated that someone would call him out like that, especially in front of Chef Ramsay. Considering the guys have won all the challenges so far with a lot of help from Will, I don’t think he should take that personally. Natalie moves over.

Chef Ramsay introduces the next challenge as clowns walk into the dining room. Will announces that he doesn’t do clowns, whatever that means. Following behind the clowns are a bunch of moms and toddlers. Today’s challenge is going to be to cook lunch for this bunch. First they will serve pasta and chicken quesadillas to the children. When the children all have been fed they will serve Paninis to all 50 moms using the Naan bread. The first team to finish lunch service wins. The teams are neck-and-neck 20 minutes out. Jamie, however, decides to bring up a burnt chicken quesadilla to the window.

Both kitchens are able to move on to the mothers’ lunches. Blue is functioning and communicating well. Red is not as lucky, as Elise is screaming orders again at everyone. She tries to pass off a trashed Panini as Carrie’s also. Carrie starts to argue with her, and the kitchen is falling apart. Blue is leading by one ticket. Chef Ramsay is given a Chicken Panini with no chicken in it, and Blue is forced to re-fire the entire ticket. Blue team wins the challenge by about 20 seconds. Natalie is very much welcomed to the team.

Chef Ramsay tells the blue team to change into something comfortable for the challenge prize and sends them upstairs. He turns to the red team and asks if Natalie was their lucky charm. Elise blames the loss on Carrie, saying she runs around the kitchen like a chicken with its head cut off. While I would agree that Carrie doesn’t seem that skilled in the kitchen; the negativity that Elise has oozing out of her pours cannot be an asset to any team. Amanda tells them both to shut up. The losers will spend the day bringing the dining room back to a pristine condition.

To say that the younger diners were kept in control would be lying. I would be embarrassed if my child ate like that. The mess is everywhere. The majority of the red team is blaming Carrie for the loss. I am not sure if it is the pressure of that or if she really isn’t that bright, but at this point she can’t even use the vacuum properly.

The prize for the men is lunch at Medieval Times, eating giant turkey legs with their hands and watching jousting. Honestly, I think I would rather vacuum up candy. The place is empty except for the blue team. The announcer says that their reward is getting better and better. After watching the show, they get a lesson on how to sword fight. I don’t know, as far as rewards go, this one seems pretty lame. However, it might be a good thing Carrie and Elise didn’t get this lesson with all the sharp knives in the kitchen.

The women find out that cleaning the dining room is not the only punishment. They go outside where a truck is ready to be unloaded. Tomorrow night’s service is family night; the red team needs to assemble playground equipment. The blue team comes back with their plastic swords and shields, and their paper crowns. They are disappointed that they can’t play on the equipment when it is finished. They decide to go upstairs and drink and be merry. I think there must be a field in the HK application that asks “Do you smoke,” and another that asks “Do you like to get drunk nightly?” They head upstairs.