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Last Comic Standing — The Alliance: Episode 7

Last week, Tammy Pescatelli beat Todd Glass. That was such a coup for the Ant-Kathy Madigan-Alonzo Bodden-Tammy alliance. It also left Gary Gulman and John Heffron vulnerable to attack. Okay, maybe just Gary Gulman.

Gary, a Boston comic who stands over 6 ft. 6 in. tall, was certainly in cahoots with Todd. He made no apologies for it. He was very upset that Todd got booted out. John Heffron and Corey Holcomb were a little bit surprised, but not concerned.

Ant made it known that Gary was indeed next on the chopping block. The challenge, which was a Friar’s Roast, was one the Gary desperately wanted to win. He worked really hard on his shtick, but was a little too “blue” for the judges. That means he was a tad dirty for theirs and the Friars’ tastes.

He didn’t win immunity. Alonzo Bodden was spot-on in his writing and delivery. He killed with cracks like “Jay put a personal ad in National Geographic” and he hadn’t seen a woman in so long he was about to fulfill celebrity judge, Phyllis Diller’s “Mandingo fantasy.”

Alonzo won a year-long membership into the Beverly Hills Friar Club. It’s a prestigious honor. However, he was shocked when he didn’t win immunity.

That honor went to Mr. Jay “Cro-Magnon King of the One-Liners” London, who was the roastee.

Ant said that the ‘alliance’ decided to vote to roast Jay because he “was such an easy target.” Ant also played up to Jay and was assured of his vote for Gary in the challenge by giving him his prize from last week’s challenge.

Jay London’s photo shoot with a celebrity photographer was pretty hysterical. Jay is such a sweetheart, though, and doesn’t deserve to be manipulated.

Okay! ‘Nuff o’ that. Ant told Gary he wasn’t going to vote for him because he didn’t want to face him in the head to head competition. Ant wanted Kathleen Madigan to do his dirty work.

Well, Gary got wise to the Ant-man and Tammy backstabbed her old crony by forcing him to vote for Gary. She voted for Alonzo because no one else did. It was a strategy, as Jay Mohr put it, ‘worthy of a true Sicilian.’

Gary and Ant went head-to-head. Gary did very well and won the competition by 70-something-percent. Ant was out. For his swan song, he announced that he wasn’t the brains behind the alliance and he was ‘just a puppet’.

Regardless, he sure was the mouthpiece for the operation and guilty of some dirty dealing. I’m not sorry to see him go.

Hasta la next week, mi gente!


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