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Expedition: Impossible – Ep 5 – Nice Guys Finish Last

“we have to hug it out with some boys right now.”

After the overnight camp, Task #6 – solve a traditional Moroccan puzzle lock to get a clue. All of the teams wind up equalized rather quickly. Gypsy John manages to give us the “not here to make friends” line. Cops claim they would just kick the door down instead of fumble with the lock. Of course, there is probably not a meth-addled gunman on the other side of this lock. Although, that would be a great twist!

Cali Christina feels pressure because she doesn’t want to be “the Asian who can’t do the puzzle.” Way to bust those stereotypes, show!

Gypsies are first to hike the five miles to the canyon top. Cali’s Asian pride shines and they wind up in third out of the challenge. They pay if forward a bit by giving the Firefighters a clue. It doesn’t help. The Gypsies make a rare mistake and go the wrong way, and fall out of first.

Task #6 is another rappel and then a two mile “sprint” to the finish of the leg. For the first time, the Gypsies are unsuccessful and Fab 3 “earns” a victory. I am sure Keri will attribute the win to her “leadership.” I also “wonder” if I can do some more “quotes” in this “paragraph.”

Cali Girls call Christina their weak link, after she proved her Asian cred by solving the puzzle. Cali Girls clearly have short memories, it must be the smog. They are pleased that they beat a “boys” team though. Of course, they tried to help said boys team, so not sure how satisfying that can really be.

Will the ankle injury to one of the Gypsies lead to some sort of a plot twist in this season? Anything remotely resembling some excitement or surprise? Maybe?

Order of Finish – Fab 3 (I hope sick AJ enjoys that five minute head start), Gypsies, Footballers, Cops, No Limits, Fishermen, Country Boys, Cali Girls, NY Firemen (ELIMINATED)

Next week – Another attempt at staying awake while watching the show. There is a 40 ft plunge, a zip line, angry Fishermen, and more rapids for the blind guy. So, in theory it should be exciting…

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