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Big Brother 13, July 24 – A Visit from the Hoff

The Hoff is there in person to watch the premiere with them, and he gets a tour of the house, as the houseguests explain he’s the first person they’ve seen in a month. Dominic figures he got the ultimate prize,  as they show him the Have Not room, and when the Hoff lays down, he gets to tuck him in. Jordan, Jeff, Kalia, and Shelly join the Hoff in the HoH room for their private screening. There’s sushi and champagne in there for them to enjoy, and Rachel is missing out on her favorites.

Rachel is pissed Jordan didn’t choose her, as the HoH, to enjoy the party. She and Brendon go in the parlor to fight about it. He’s mad at her forgiving Porsche answers (they weren’t right, so what’s the difference?), and she cries, saying it’s so stressful in the house, and he’s always mad at her. He says she does stupid things all the time without thinking, and she threatens to walk off the show.

The others are in the kitchen hearing every word. Dani says it’s not couples rehab, and Dominic complains that Brenchel are such bad losers; they’re happy when they win and sad and crying when they lose. Brendon tells Rachel Jordan is obviously just trying to get Kalia and Shelly on their side. He then gets angry about it and threatens to throw them all on the block and take ’em out one by one. This is an interesting thing to yell at her, because she’s the one that’s HoH. He complains they only came back because she wanted to, and she complains again about the pressure. Then he starts crying because she wants to walk away. Seriously, I’m wondering if the guy is bipolar.

Even the Hoff says in the DR that if he was in the house, he’d align with Jeff and Jordan too, because Jeff’s a cool guy and buff, and Jordan has a cute Southern accent. Jordan knows Rachel looked pissed, but figures if she took Brenchel,they’d be kissing the whole time, and Rachel acts stuck up just because she won HoH again.

When everything blows over and the Hoff leaves, Dominic goes to the HoH to talk to Brenchel and tells them they are obviously the strongest competitors in the house, and he has no other option than to work with them. They tell him they told Jeff and Jordan originally to nominate Shelly and Cassi, but they were the ones that insisted on putting up Adam and Dominic originally. After he leaves, they still aren’t sure, though, where his head is at.

Dominic goes and talks with Dani, as she says the whole game is about the four of them getting to the end. He tells her she’s the Donato, so she needs to figure it out. They discuss not having a problem taking out Jeff and Jordan, but would rather do it in the end. However, to do that, they’ll need Brenchel. Jeff and Jordan promise Brenchel they aren’t turning on them, as if they were going to do that, they would have done it the week before.

Rachel holds the nomination ceremony, and the first duo safe is Jeff and Jordan, with the second being Kalia and Lawon, leaving Dominic and Adam on the block once again. Rachel announces it is clearly strategic, and that she has to look out for her alliance.

Dominic knows he has a deal with Brenchel and just hopes it’s still good. Dominic feels he has the same deal. Dani feels it might in her alliance’s best interests to get rid of strong player this week. Rachel feels it’s crucial for her to win veto in order to control the moves being made this week.

What still doesn’t seem to make any sense is why Kalia and Lawon are never targeted. Their names come up, but only for brief moments. She’s playing with the veterans and voting with them, so why not get rid of Lawon and get her the Golden Key? Besides, they’ve been talking about getting rid of floaters this time around, and those two are clearly the biggest floaters. Yet, Adam has made offers and gone back on them. It might be time to get rid of him before he burns them again.

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