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Big Brother 13, July 24 – A Visit from the Hoff

There are probably only two people who are happy that Rachel won Head of Household on Thursday, Brendon and Rachel. Not only are her rivals in the house not happy about her win, her own alliance isn’t even happy about her win. She and Brendon started out on the right track this summer, but have quickly slipped back into everything that the houseguests and Bg Brother fans didn’t like last time around.

Jordan says she’s happy, as she just didn’t want Dominic, Adam, or Lawon to get HoH. Yet, that doesn’t seem all that honest. Dominic openly admits it’s the worst possible outcome as his back is once again against the wall. He’s done a lot of social work with Danielle and hopes that will pay off. Adam was supposed to be with Brendon and Rachel the first week, then backed out. He needs to make sure they think he’s with then 100% this week.

 Brendon feels like they almost have to put Dominic and Brendon again. Jeff is feeling like Rachel and Brendon should do what he and Jordan want this week, since they did what Rachel and Brendon wanted last week in getting rid of Cassi.

The other houseguests play a joke on Rachel when she gets her HoH room. When she comes out of the DR asking who wants to see her HoH room, they are all hiding and pelt her with pillows as soon as she sees them. Up in the room, seeing all her pictures and things for the second time in three weeks, the others look less than thrilled. She reads her letter from her sister, who she notes is also engaged, and Jeff jibes to the camera later that he had no idea Rachel was engaged.

Adam heads in to talk to Brenchel to try and secure his place. He offers up whatever they want or need from him. Brendon mentions they just don’t want the floaters hanging around. This is a direct reference to Lawon and Kalia. Rachel figures Adam is shaking in his boots this week after he was supposed to be in their corner the first week, then went against them.

Lawon comes in to talk to them too, but it’s not clear what he’s getting at. Rachel says she’d rather be napping than listen to someone talking in circles. She especially doesn’t trust him.

Jeff’s not worried about being nominated; he’s got bigger fish to fry. He and Jordan are currently sleeping one bed away from heavy snorer Dominic. He tries covering his face, putting his pillow over his head, and finally resorts to tossing small items at Dominic from across the room. Eventually he nails him, and Dominic asks, “Dude, something cracked me in the head just now.”

No one has to sleep in the Have Not room this week, because they’re having a luxury competition instead. Everyone gets to compete, including those with Golden Keys. A “celebrity” comes out, and to Adam’s dismay, it’s not Tori Spelling. They have no idea who it is. He tells them he’s going to be on the new show “Same Name,” a series about regular people and celebrities who share the same name and switch lives for the day. The houseguests will have to guess who the celebrity is that he shares a name with.

The first clue is three bars of soap and opera glasses. Jordan puts that together to get Baywatch and puts in a guess of David Hasselhoff. The second clue is a microphone. Brendon guesses Dexter, and Porsche guesses Michael Jackson. Now how would this guy switch lives with Jacko for the day. He’s dead. Not very bright there, Porsche. Adam guesses Ricky Martin and Lawon Barbra Streisand. The third clue is a suit of armor. Jeff guesses Michael Knight, Rachel guesses Kera Knightley, Porsche Brian Micnight, Dominic John Stamos and Mark Wahlberg. The last clue is the KITT car.

Obviously, it’s the Hoff, and Jordan had it on the first clue, so she wins the luxury. She gets to choose three people to view a screening of the new show with, and chooses Jeff, Kalia, and Shelly. It’s smart, as she’s trying to keep them on her side.


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