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Big Brother 13, July 21 – Who Was Evicted? Thelma or Louise?

Going home to Adam and Dominic’s hometowns, Adam’s girlfriend mentions how he’s been trying out for the game for years, but he was over 300 pounds before. He’s lost 100+ pounds to go on the show. Dominic’s best friend discusses his upbringing, saying his mom was controlling and sheltering. He was homeschooled, and the Big Brother house is the first time he’s slept away from home. He’s also a 25-year-old virgin. She seems a little sweet on him, thinking that he’s just pretending to like Dani.

Jordan talks privately to Julie in the HoH bedroom. They discuss the problem between Jeff and Rachel this week. Apparently in lieu of a real villain, this is all we have. Jordan believes they’re both competitive and it’s good to have Brenchel on their side, yet she knows they need to get rid of them when the game turns to singles. She didn’t put them on the block yet, because it’s too early. One would have left, and one would have stayed, and then would have turned on her.

As she addresses the jury tonight, Cassi says it was a pleasure to get to know everyone. She was blessed to come here and make these friendships that she’ll carry outside of the house. Shelly is an extraordinary woman she loves and adores, and she’ll miss her. Shelly notes this is a special day, as she has heels on for them. She, too, has enjoyed getting to know everyone, and she explains that just as you pass people climbing the ladder, you pass them coming back down again. Whatever that has to do with anything. She’ll take something from each and every one of them. Cassi is beautiful inside and out and all class.

Cassi was not surprisingly voted out unanimously, as the house chose to stick together. As much as some of them didn’t what to lose Cassi, they didn’t want to lose Shelly even more. Once outside, Cassi tells Julie she was lucky to find someone she adored and respected as much as Shelly, and there’s nothing bad you can say about her. When asked if she thinks the other girls didn’t like her because she was too pretty, she notes she kicked around the whole time in sweats with no makeup and dirty hair.

In the goodbye videos, Jordan tells Cassi she was sorry to see her leave, as they won’t be able to kick butt together, but she couldn’t go against her alliance, as other people’s jealousy came in between them. Rachel tells Cassi again she is the worst game player and catty and bitchy. Pot? Kettle. Dominic tells Cassi that it makes him furious that people attacked her because of their insecurities, and it only shows how much better she is. Shelly tells her her this is the hardest thing she’s had to do in two weeks. She mentions Thelma and Louise again and finishes with, “Miss you, Kiddo. See you soon.”

With Jordan, Dani, Porsche, and Shelly all not playing because of outgoing HoH and Golden Keys, the others line up to answer how they think the majority of online viewers answered a number of questions about them.

1. Which houseguest would they rather get mouth-to-mouth from? Jeff or Brendon. Jeff. No surprise there. Everyone got it right.
2. Which houseguest is more likely to warm the pool with something other than charm? Adam or Kalia. Adam. Everyone’s still in.
3. Which houseguest is more likely to steal someone’s lover? Rachel or Porsche. It’s Porsche, and Kalia is out.
4. Which houseguest is more likely to save someone from a burning building? Shelly or Brendon? It’s Brendon, surprisingly. Jeff is out.
5. Which houseguest would viewers rather see wearing a bikini for the entire summer? Porsche or Danielle? It’s Danielle. Adam, Lawon, and Dominic are out, and I bet Porsche, who thinks she’s always the hottest person in the room is just shocked. Now it’s just between Rachel and Brendon.
6. Which houseguest would you rather cheat off of? Jordan or Lawon? Lawon. They both get it right.
7. Which houseguest is most likely to seriously go bananas? Adam or Dominic. They each picked something different, and Rachel got it right. She’s the new HoH.

This is exactly why Jordan made the right choice in getting rid of Cassi. As much as everyone liked her, she was expendable, and it kept Jeff and Jordan off Brendon and Rachel’s short list. There are only three duos left that aren’t HoH. Jeff/Jordan, Dominic/Adam, and Lawon/Kalia. No one quite understands how the latter two keep remaining safe, other than the fact they’re off everyone’s radar, as they just aren’t ever a factor in any competition. However, if Dominic and Adam win veto again, it’ll have to be them up, unless Rachel decides to do a power move, which would be terrible after Jordan just passed up an opportunity for the same.

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