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Big Brother 13, July 21 – Who Was Evicted? Thelma or Louise?

It’s two weeks into the Big Brother game, and I’m still wondering how this summer would have been different had Dick gotten a chance to play. We’re missing out on the guy who was pegged to be our villain. Sure, you can put Rachel in that category, but she kind of whines too much to be a villain.

Regardless, Rachel got what she wanted this week. She wanted to get rid of Cassi, and Jordan decided to stay true to the alliance and put Cassi and Shelly on the block after Dominic used the veto on himself and Adam. Shelly hoped she was safe, and felt safe, and knew that the odds were that her best friend Cassi was going home. She also felt sad for her daughter, knowing she was excited to watch her mom on TV all summer and that it might now get cut short.

Additionally Shelly made a deal with the veterans in week one, and stayed true to that voting out Keith last week. Now she’s feeling guilty that that deal of hers could have been the one thing that could get Cassi voted out of the game. She wasn’t sure if she should be honest with her or not. Instead she went to Cassi and told her it wouldn’t hurt her feelings if Cassi campaigned against her. Cassi couldn’t ever do that to her. They referred to themselves as Thelma and Louise more than once.

Dominic has been close with Cassi since the beginning, and to him it sucked to have a hand in possibly sending her out the door. Rachel noted Jordan might have tried to go against the alliance, but in the end, “I always get my way.” Jordan was upset, as Cassi and Shelly were the last duo she wanted to put up, but had to do it for her alliance. She cried over it, and felt like an ass leaving Jeff to tell her she was a good person. He said she would have felt bad putting anyone up, but in this house you have to “chop heads and move on.” They’re just hoping now that Brenchel doesn’t flip on them.

Danielle talked to Shelly who was still worrying about her daughter seeing her on the block and feeling guilty about being a secret vote to send Keith home, and now she’s also worried her daughter will see her lying. She has always told her lying and deceiving people is never good. Their punishment at home is to write sentences, and Shelly feels like she needs to be sent to her room to write sentences.

Cassi decides to grab the bull by the horns and goes in to talk to Rachel to see why she’s on her shit list. Rachel tells her she was offended when she talked about Porsche, but Cassi doesn’t see why that’s a valid reason for sending her home. Rachel tacks on to that that she also hears from plenty of people that Cassi was going around saying she wanted Rachel and Brendon or Jeff and Jordan to go home. Cassi comes right out with it suggesting it’s just because she’s female. Rachel tells her her gameplay is horrible and she didn’t win HoH when she tried. Cassi tells her she pulled for her last season, but she’s catty and an ugly person inside.

Rachel runs to Jordan and tells her how mean Cassi is being to her. She claims Cassi is using Rachel’s own weaknesses against her. Jordan is honest with her, telling her some of her actions come off as bitchy. Rachel’s tired of hearing that, though, saying she’s not a mean girl and doesn’t talk bad about people. Jordan tells her her mouth is just going to get her in trouble and make all of them targets.

Cassi tries to talk to Brendon next, mentioning that when she made a deal with them, she intended to stick with it to the end. She’s wondering if maybe they didn’t mean it though. He admits they didn’t entirely trust her. She swore on her family, and whenever anyone swears on that or the Bible, or anything else sacred to others, he knows they’re full of it. He tells her it wasn’t a deal they offered, but Big Brother. She finds him condescending. He gets worse and asks if she wants him to draw her some pictures. She decides she’s the only adult there.

Going live to the living room, Julie Chen asks Rachel about the tense moments after the veto comp between her and Jeff. She says she gets super-competitive and kind of gets too mouthy, as she’s sure everyone would agree. She tells Julie they’re all good again, and the veterans are once again a happy family.


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