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Hell's Kitchen, July 21 – Fake Poo on Granny’s Chair

James opens the doors of Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Ramsay decides to take some weight off of the kitchen and offer Caesar salad tableside. Will and Carrie will be walking around the dining room offering this service. Later during entrées, Krupa and Monterray will be carving prime rib.

It’s the first ticket for red team and Jennifer puts pork in a salad instead of brisket; the best laid plans. Blue is not having any better luck; Chino brings burnt risotto up for the first ticket. He brings the second risotto up for the first ticket and it is also burned. The women have picked up and are moving out the appetizers. Unfortunately, Carrie is having a hard time making Caesar salad; so much so that Krupa goes out into the dining room to help her make it.

Blue kitchen is ready to move on to entrees. Brendan decides he doesn’t need Chef Ramsay to call out tickets and starts calling out tickets to himself. He has his bass ready; the meat and garnish are not. Chef Ramsay is disgusted. The ticket is ready to go finally. Brendan brings up a sea bass and Chef Ramsay asks him if this is the same one, Brendan says no. Chef Ramsay asks if he cooked a new one; Brendan says yes. He is asked if he threw the old one away; he replies yes. He is asked to produce the one that was thrown away; he says “Yes Chef” and proceeds to dig through the trash. When he cannot produce the fish he tells Chef Ramsay that he can’t find it. Chef Ramsay asks him again if it was reheated. He tells Brendan if he says no that he will turn the kitchen upside down to look for the missing fish. He finally comes clean and says it’s the old fish. Chef Ramsay calls him out on actually digging through the trash in search of the fish. Surprisingly Brendan is not kicked off then and there.

Switch to Red and we see Elise barking orders to a team that is not listening to her. That doesn’t stop her. When Chef Ramsay asks how long, she jumps in and mistakenly says 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds. She continues on her podium and points her tongs directly at Chef Ramsay. He tells her not to point them at him and asks if she thinks he is a dog. She continues to try and talk over him until he calls her up. He tells her that he isn’t going to tolerate her talking over him with her big, fat mouth. Her teammates are thankful that Chef Ramsay shut her up.

Blue team still hasn’t managed to get a single entry out. The old sea bass situation is cleared up and then Tommy completes the order with an overcooked duck. The women are halfway through service. Krupa is in the dining room service, being rather annoying and cocky. The customers don’t look all that enthused either. Next thing you know down goes an entire roast of prime rib onto the dining room floor. She has to go to the window and tell Chef Ramsay. She will have to wait until Monterray is done to serve his roast to her customers. Luckily for her no entrees have left the blue kitchen, so unless he has an entire tabletop of prime rib orders, it’s hers.

They say third time is a charm, not so with Brendan’s sea bass. This time it is undercooked. Instead of shutting down the blue kitchen, Chef Ramsay asks four of the women to go over to Blue and get the entrees out. The guys are kicked out and go up to the dorm, and do what seems somewhat of a tradition on Hell’s Kitchen, light up cigarettes. Jonathan, Will and Paul are visibly upset. Honestly I am a bit surprised that Chef Ramsay didn’t leave those three in the kitchen. Will is kicking things and screaming; he’s disgusted that he is getting whipped by chicks. Sounds like a punk-rock, girl band.

The women are rocking out the kitchens and down to the last ticket. Chef Ramsay thanks them and tells them service was beautiful.

The men’s team goes back into the dining room for eliminations. Chef Ramsay calls on Will and asks him who he thinks should leave. Will replies 100% Brendan or Chino. He also asks Paul and Jonathan and both reply Brendan or Chino. When Jonathan is pressed for one he says Chino. Chino has had enough and speaks up. He accuses the team of doing nothing to help as soon as Chef Ramsay walks away. Brendan and Chino are called down for elimination.

Brendan is asked why he should stay, and he replies that he has heart and character. He continues by saying those are qualities that you can’t teach. He says he wants BLT Steak, and apologizes for lying about the fish. Brendan does not think that long, a carried out lie is a reflection on him. Chino is asked if he is done. He says no and admits this experience has humbled him. He believes he will continue to learn and get better as time goes on.

The person leaving Hell’s Kitchen tonight is Brendan. He says while he is walking down the hall of shame that we should not hate the player but instead hate the game. Then in his dirty undershirt he gives a call out to Carrie and tells her to call him sometime. Yuck, I am so glad we didn’t have to sit through watching that develop and grow. Well, one down 6 to go, Carrie.

Chef Ramsay tells the women they need to pick one person to go over to the men’s team. Monterray tells him that he prefers to roll with who he has. A few others pipe in behind him. Chef Ramsay tells them they are striving for a reputation, but he already has one, and doesn’t want them ruining it.

Chef Ramsay ends the show by saying the only thing bigger than Brendan’s ego was the lies that he told. He can’t have that in his kitchen.

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