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Hell's Kitchen, July 21 – Fake Poo on Granny’s Chair

Jennifer, Gina and Elizabeth are all on the same team; they are leading by one point and score 2 points. Will is up last and to win must have grilled everything to perfection. He scores 3 points and it all comes down to the burger. None of the men were able to produce a well-done burger, Will’s is perfect.

For winning, the men will be whisked away on a private jet to Palm Springs for a little relaxation. Paul knows he is a big deal and that is why he is getting a private plane.

Chef Ramsay sends them off and turns around to the ladies. He reminds them that they were three up on the men; he calls out Elise and Carrie, and tells them they screwed it for their team. Elise looks like her head is going to pop off. He tells the ladies that their day is going to be drawn out and miserable. It starts off with having to clean the grills and will end with “an unusual meat delivery”. If you were watching the previews you were shown what this is, and honestly I couldn’t do it.

Elise is busy blaming Carrie for everything, while she stands around doing nothing. Carrie is on hands and knees scrubbing a grill top. Human nature is funny. It’s always the people that get along with no one that say “I don’t understand, I get along with everyone”. Her carrying on about Carrie is just aggravating the rest of the red team.

Meanwhile, out at the airport, the guys are getting ready to board the plane with Chef Ramsay. The plane lands and they head over to the Palm Springs Ariel Tram for lunch at the top of the springs.

Oh gosh, my question about the meat is answered. I would have MUCH preferred seeing it donated to a shelter. Instead it is all wasted and put into a blender by Andi, sous-chef for Red team. They will be drinking their lunch as part of the punishment for the loss. It is a chunky, fat-enriched, meat-shake. The ladies are holding their noses to try and get it down. Personally I would go hungry.

The guys are sipping wine and having a meet and greet with Chef Ramsay. He is going around the table asking the guys why they do this, what the motivation is. Monterray speaks about his wife and 6 children. Will talks about his father’s wishes that in every generation they step up to the plate and bring more pride to the surname; he takes that seriously. Chef Ramsay then makes the mistake to ask Brendan. He goes, on and on (and on) about how well-to-do his family is with doctors and lawyers, how he has always been labeled as having potential, and Thanksgiving meals around the table. Monterray looks like he might want to show him the quick way back down to the car. Will sums it up nicely to the pantry diary cam, and I quote, “blah, blah blah, blah blah blah blah…”

Over at Hell’s Kitchen, the ladies have their first delivery; it is half a cow. Honestly it is enough to make me want to go back to a meat-less diet. They then have to butcher it, which they all seem to be enjoying maybe a little too much. While peeling a huge amount of potatoes, the women seem to be bonding. They are quizzing each other on techniques of the menu; it appears to be very calm. They are reviewing each of the different stations and what exactly is needed to prepare each dish. If they stay on task like this, service should go well for them tonight.

At the end of the day the women are quietly studying; the men are drinking. Carrie is hanging out with the guys drinking out of a bottle of wine, flirting with Brendan. I think this might be worse to watch than the cow. Ok, it is worse than the cow. Carrie wishes Brendan a good night and walks off, only to call him to her. She quietly complains that she isn’t getting any exercise here, and Brendan offers to help with that. Will isn’t the only observant pantry cam interview today; Elise has the same type of one word conversation. Her repetitive word is skank. I guess Carrie gives up on her quest for Chef Ramsay, as she invites Brendan into her room and they shut the door.

The following day it is time to prep for dinner service. Jonathan howls the cry of the wolf pack and their readiness to win. I know stress causes headaches, does stupidity? Even the narrator comments on Jonathan’s attempt to find his inner wolf. Over in Red, everyone is gathered around formatting a plan. They divide up and take every single menu option on. They check each station to make sure it is completely prepped for service. I have never seen a team this organized, this early on. In theory it should pay off … in theory.