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Hell's Kitchen, July 21 – Fake Poo on Granny’s Chair

Two nights in a row of double Gordon Ramsay; reality TV doesn’t get any better for a fan. After the premiere episode last night, I have my long list of must-leaves. It seems every season half of the cast is there to aggravate and agitate the audience and the other chefs. For all we know that might be part of the elimination process. Anyone that has worked in a kitchen at a busy restaurant knows that there is always that one person you just want to throw across the room. Well, maybe that statement is too narrow, as I’ve even run into “those people” as a room mom for my child’s school. Hopefully Chef Ramsay’s list is similar.

The show starts off with the guys, specifically Jonathan and Will, trying to rally their team. After all my years of watching Hell’s Kitchen, it is nice to finally hear someone say that at this point of the game it is still a team competition. I have never understood why early on people try to throw someone in their own team under the bus. If they know what is good for them they will all get a good night’s sleep and try to leave their egos at the door tomorrow.

Sure enough, at 5:35 the next morning, the sous chefs sneak into the dorm with amps and an electric guitar, oh and headphones. It is reveille, heavy metal style, played by a boy about 10 years old. Tommy seems to be the only one who appreciated it, but we all know he loves rock and roll.

Chef Ramsay has everyone meet him outside. Jonathan loves the fact that the girls seem to all sleep in very short pj’s. Carrie starts in with the flirting right away, tossing a shoulder and telling Chef Ramsay she has had sweet dreams. He points out that on the back of the last service he had nightmares. He goes on to tell them that it is back to basics for them.

The challenge will center on meat temperatures. They will break up into teams of two and cook on grills, pre-heated outside. Each team will be required to prepare a medium-rare NY strip, a medium rib eye, a medium-well fillet, and a well-done burger. Blue team is one man short, so Chef Ramsay tells Will he will be doing it alone. He warns all the contestants that they do not want to lose this challenge. They are given 20 minutes.

Somehow Carrie and Elise end up on the same team; there is no way all that bickering is going to produce award-winning anything. Over on a blue grill Brendan and Jonathan might as well be poolside in someone’s backyard. Brendan once again shows us his wonderful aura when he tells the diary cam that men definitely have the advantage over women with the grill. Since the days of the caveman, they have had ownership of the grill. First, I would like to point out to cro-magnum man that the men in history have hunted but it has always been the women’s “job” to cook. Secondly it seems some men have not evolved past those times.

While everyone else is scattered and poking the meat, Will has his off the grill and resting with over 2 minutes left. Carrie is actually pressing the burger down on the grill, which obviously causes it to lose any flavor and dry out. I would assume at 6 in the morning Chef Ramsay is not going to taste all this meat. Can you imagine living in that neighborhood and opening your door to get the morning paper. The smell from 50+ steaks grilling at once must be pretty intense.

Krupa and Amanda are up first. Chef Ramsay is only cutting the steaks in half and judging color of meat. They are awarded 4 out of 4 points. Brendan and Jonathan are next up. Their NY Strip looks blue, and Chef Ramsay thinks their burger looks like a “joke turd you sit on your Granny’s chair.” They are awarded 2 points. I guess they should not have drank so many air beers. Will looks disgusted.

Elise and Carrie are up next for red. Their NY strip Chef Ramsay calls rare, I would say raw. They only receive one point for their fillet. Chino and Tommy follow up with 3 out of 4. The score is tied at 5.

Jamie and Natalie bring 3 more points for the red team. Paul and Monterray score two more points for the blue kitchen. I wonder what they are going to do with all this cooked meat.