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Big Brother 13, July 20 – Can We All Get Some Rachel-Off?

So far everything is going really well for the veterans alliance on Big Brother, yet it stands to reason that it’s not going to always work so well. These are five greet players of this game, so they’re bound to often do well, but of course they won’t always. The question becomes who is the leading force in their alliance? Who is ultimately pulling the shots, and will they turn on the others?

Jordan put who she and Jeff wanted on the block, not what Rachel, Brendon, and Danielle wanted. It wasn’t totally self-serving, though. She saw Dominic as the ringleader of the newbies, and while she didn’t trust Adam, she promised him he would stay safe, but that she was nominating the two of them. She wanted him to just throw the veto to be sure he and Dominic wouldn’t get it.

Adam has faith in Jeff and Jordan that it would play out the way he said it would. Dominic knows full well he’s the target and that Adam probably betrayed him. Rachel feels Jordan made the wrong decision. She knows it should be Cassi they’re targeting, and wonders then if there’s a trust issue within the veterans alliance.

Dominic gets put in a further bind when Danielle wants to get Cassi out as well. Cassi is his closest ally, but Danielle knows if she gets rid of Cassi, then Dominic has no choice but to depend on her as an ally. He can’t help her get Cassi out, of course. Dani also talks about Rachel and Jeff not being able to keep their mouths shut. Dominic notes to the diary cam that his and Dani’s relationship is growing with a chemistry and flirting, and it’s building up to a sense of trust.

Brendon and Rachel work on Jordan some, pleading their case to get rid of Cassi. Rachel complains she’s so fake, and that’s a big reason to get her out because she can’t be trusted. Jordan just thinks Rachel is blowing the whole thing out of proportion. She’s afraid of looking two-faced, but she feels like she’s slowly building a relationship with Cassi, only to then hear she can’t be trusted. It’s their HoH, though, so they need to do what benefits them. Jeff compares Rachel to that little gnat that buzzes in your ear. He jokes that he needs some “Rachel-Off.”

Jordan goes to Cassi and tells her she’s being thrown under the bus, and she believes it’s because she’s pretty. Cassi knows that may all be, but she also thinks it’s heightened because she doesn’t play back with her detractors. All of this is exactly why she didn’t admit on day one that she was a model, but clearly it’s all happening anyway.

Playing into the veterans’ advantage, Brendon and Rachel are picked to play for the veto. Or at least that’s what the rest of the house thinks. Brenchel runs into the storage room to discuss going against Jeff and Jordan. They think think if they can win the veto, they can then get Cassi on the block. They’re not sure if they should do that to their alliance, but they know that Jeff and Jordan are making decisions for themselves as well. Rachel tells Dani they want to win and make a deal with Dominic. Dani is excited about it, as she’ll get what she wants, and doesn’t have to stick her neck out to accomplish it.

The veto is like a “cross between Willy Wonka’s factory and a live board of Candyland” according to Jeff, who feels like he should see a dentist after he plays. Dominic is super-excited to find out they are playing as individuals. Even if Adam throws it, Dominic can still win. Those playing have to get a gumball and chew it up, then walk across a balance beam and fill up a veto symbol with the chewed up balls of gum. If they fall, they’re out. Or they can take two weeks of slop to stay in the game, if they fall a second time, they’re eliminated, and still on slop.

Jordan thinks she has it in the bag, as she walks and chews gum all the time. Rachel did gymnastics, so thinks she’s set. Adam’s still trying to throw it, but really doesn’t have good balance anyway, saying he didn’t learn to ride a bicycle until he was 21. He only rides Harleys as a “bitch on the back.” Jordan falls and wants to take the two weeks of slop, but Jeff talks her out of it, saying it doesn’t make sense. Rachel falls and takes the two weeks of slop, and Jeff doesn’t know why, not knowing they were trying to change Jordan’s nominations. It’s all for naught, as Rachel ends up falling again, and is out. Dominic wins veto to take him and Adam off the block.

Jeff and Rachel go at it about what happened in the game, as he still considers it foolish for her to take the slop pass. She gets pissed and stalks off, into the bushes to have a good cry, after telling Jeff to just win every competition by himself then. Yes, in the bushes. Kalia thinks she’s making a big deal out of nothing. This is the person who hurt her shoulder in a can of beans. She advises Rachel, “Don’t let your mouth write a check your butt can’t cash.” Jeff thinks Brendon needs to calm her down, pet her ego, stroke her red hair, and bedazzle whatever she’s wearing and get her in check.

While Dominic and Adam celebrate, Rachel eventually comes out of the bushes, and she and Brendon go to talk to Jeff and Jordan to smooth things over. Rachel claims she was only willing to take the slop pass as she was just trying to be a good competitor. Rachel just pouts to Jeff and says, “No wonder America hates me.”

Jordan notes later that people didn’t like Rachel last year because she didn’t stop doing that very same thing, and she could be more of a liability than an asset. Jordan and Jeff consider backdooring Brenchel. They would split them up for sure. Jordan thinks Rachel is “fricking nuts.”

Jordan tells Cassi and Shelly she wishes she wasn’t HoH this week and likes every single person there. They’re the last people she’d want to put up. They wonder if she has considered backdooring Brenchel and ask what she thinks they would do if they were in her shoes. Well, they were in Jordan’s shoes last week and never even considered backdooring them. Jordan thinks it would be too much of a risk, as it would pit the four of them against the rest of the house. Jeff promises to support her no matter what she decides.

In the veto meeting, Dominic doesn’t mess around, and says using it on himself and Adam is a no-brainer. Jordan talks about how much this sucks and says it’s nothing personal, but she has to do what will get she and Jeff further in the game. She nominates Shelly and Cassi. It seems everyone is happy with this except Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, and Cassi.

What never became clear is why they never considered nominating the other duo, Kalia and Lawon. Are they such non-competitors that no one considers them here? That’s what it seems like. It’s as if they want to be so sure they vote out someone who is impacting the game, and they don’t think Kalia or Lawon are.

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