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So You Think You Can Dance, July 20 – Eeny Meeny Miney All-Star

Nigel congratulates Tycio and says he loves it when he’s free and choreographs like this instead of Broadway. It was sensational and very creative. He thinks some of the competitors tonight have outdanced the All-Stars. He won’t say that here, but he was certainly there. When normally Nigel’s eyes would be on Alison, they were on Ricky as well. Neil agrees, saing Ricky always seems to dance young, becuse he’s so lanky. But Allison dances with great maturity, and he responded to what he did from start to finish and was breathing heavy. Since he danced for his life before, he’s been showing great strength.

Mary normally calls Tyce Dr. Feel Gool, but this was delicously dark. She’s a huge fan of Allison’s, but Ricky really brought it tonight. It was wrong, reckless, and committed. That one move lifitng her up with his one arm was fantastic. He really brought it tongiht.

Marko gets the last solo of the evening to More than Anyone (Stripped Version) by Gavin DeGraw. This is just as amazing as any contemporary we’ve seen danced tonight.

Our last dance of the night pairs up Clarice with Robert Roldan as they dance Bollywood with Nakul Dev Mahajan. It’s a basic story of a guy playing cat and mouse, and they look like they’re making out. Robert is excited, telling America they made a good choice in putting Clarice here. Whatever Nakul has thought of, he’s thrown into this dance. They dance tonight to Aila Re Aila from the Khatta Meetha soundtrack. I’m not a huge fan of the Bollywood style, but this is just pure perfection.

Neil loved it and thinks Bollywood is so intricate and seems so difficult because it probably is. It’s infectious. Nakula did an incredible job for Clarice. Neil was biased coming into this as a fan, and has never felt like he super-connected with Clarice and never knew why. When she did the kiss and pulled out of it, it turned it up a notch for him. She’s a gorgeous dancer. Mary tells Nakul he always brings it down; it was exhilarating to watch. She tries to joke and say she and Neil are doing a world premiere with this dance tomorrow night and her knees are killing her. He slips in that’s from something else. Clarice was just so much fun, and it was just so perfect for her.

Nigel agrees with Mary and doesn’t think Clarice could have done it any better. It was perfect for her. It’s like one of the things of patting your head and rubbing your belly or turning the light bulb and patting the dog, he’d be turning the dog and patting the light bulb. His brain wouldn’t be able to do it. He loves the style of it, and it makes him happy to watch it.

This was just a stunning night of dancing. There is no other way to look at it. It’s like a Master’s Class on how to do these styles, and that’s not only looking at the All Stars. That goes for the majority of the top ten. Nigel is right. Some of the top 10 out danced the  It’s another night where there’s no one to put the finger at saying they don’t deserve to be there. This means it will be the people that don’t connect that will be bottom three, and that’s sad. Either way you look at it, we’ll lose an absolutely fantastic dancer Thursday night.

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