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So You Think You Can Dance, July 20 – Eeny Meeny Miney All-Star

Nigel looks speechles, then says all he got for breakfast this morning was corn flakes. He, too, compares that routine to the one Twitch did with Alix and is hoping for Ellen to come in and learn this one. This is the first time he’s seen Sasha have chemistry with her partner. She really nailed this routine from beginning to end. Neil thought this was the best routine so far this evening. Chirstopher Scott is so amazing at what he does, and the show is lucky to have him. He set this thing up like this, and Sasha and Twitch were like they were a couple and had been doing it for years. He thinks they should dance very dance together.

Mary needs to call the sheriff, the fire dept. and the paramedic to arrest Christopher for giving us this sexy-ass number, to put out the smoke, because it was smoking hot, and the paramedics for her because she’s ready to have a heart attack. Sasha had the swagger, musicality, the chemistry. As much as Mary loves Twitch, she loved Sasha doing this number. She is an All-Star tonight.

Jordan dances to Tonight by Lukke Li. She got some flak last week for not changing up her solo too much, but it seems she’s gone a little further tonight.

Jess is paired with Kathryn McCormick on a Stacey Tookey contemporary piece about not being able to see what’s right in front of your face. She isn’t supposed to even notice him, so they don’t do any eye contact. He’s gotten flak about his lifts, and guest what’s in here? A lot of lifts. They dance to The Lonely by Christina Perri. He does well with the lifts as well as the rest of the dancing.

Neil thinks it was an extraordinarily-designed piece by Stacey. Since he’s been in New York, he’s a little more versed in Broadway than the other genres. He always  notices Jess’ face that seems muggy, and he wants to remind him to be as sincere as possible. He’s here and amazing, so needs to remember that. This routine was good for that, as it didn’t allow him to mug out. Mary agrrees it was extraordinary and her favorite piece that Jess has done. She loved everything about it.

Nigel feels terrible, as he’s the one giving him a hard time with the lifts, and they give him a routine with more lifts than Joan Rivers’ face. Yet, he coped with them brilliantly, as he’s working with an Emmy-nominated choreographer in Stacey, who has a wonderful way of getting routines and putting emotion into it. Putting the emotion into the routine was endearing, and he, too, thinks it was his best work.

It’s Tadd’s solo to Everything I Can’t Have by Robin Thicke. I love that he does B-Bpoy to completely different genres of music than you’d expect.

Melanie worked with Pasha on a Jason Gilkison Viennese waltz. It’s the story of a guy who has lost his will to live, and his close friend is nurturing him through this. It’s the second time her role is to be the rock. She’s trying to also move the audience to show them that there’s still going to be somebody else there. Tonight they dance to Everybody Hurts by Tina Arena. This is another one where you wouldn’t know which was the All-Star if they hadn’t told you.

Mary tells Melanie that it seemed like her feet never touched the floor, as it was like she was floating across the stage. The transitions in those lifts just floated down, and the timing was so right on. She doesn’t know how she does it, as it’s like something she’s been doing all her life. Nigel agrees it was a beautifiul flow of movement and a master class in lifting and lifting technique. It just didn’t stop, and that’s the beauty of the Viennese waltz. It’s funny that the choreographers use her as a rock, but it’s because she’s a solid dqancer.

Neil notes it didn’t even seem like a single lift in the entire number, being so effortlessly perfect. Sometimes he watches the show and thinks the dancers are superhuman. Melanie looks like she’s from the past with a glow about her, yet she dances like she’s from the future. She’s so beautiful in every way, and seems inside the same as outside. She’s easily his favorite dancer on the show. Her mom sits and sobs through this glowing review from the audience.

Caitlynn is up for her solo, doing it to Cosmic Love` by Florence + the Machine. It’s hard to even know what to say about it. It’s just completely different.

Ricky  is with Allison Holker doing a Tyce Diorio jazz number, and Ricky is starsturck, but Allison thinks he’ll be pushing her. This is suppoed to be one of those dreams that seem real. He’s supposed to be her worst nightmare. They dance to Tori Amos’ Precious Things. I don’t know if we ever get to see how good he was before because he was always with Ricky who captivated everyone’s attention, and not always in a good way. This is ten times better than anything he ever did with her.


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