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So You Think You Can Dance, July 20 – Eeny Meeny Miney All-Star

Nigel complains that this was veryveryveryvery fast! And no time to think, as it was like listening to Mary talking. They have to remember that Tadd is not a hip hopper, but a B-Boy, yet everything they throw at him, he picks up. It wasn’t just thrown at him, but both of Chuck’s hands coming at him. Nigel thinks he outdanced his all-Star. Neil thinks Tadd is amazing, like an acrobat, and it’s so fun to watch his tricks. On a future How I Met Your Mother, they’re doing a dance, and Spencer Liff is choreographing it. With just a few hip hop moves in it, Neil feels like the dumbest person in the world, so watching this makes him feel like the dumbest person in the world. He calls one of the moves “Dope!”

Mary doesn’t know what Neil is talking bout, as she was just practicing the same routine yesterday. He asks how she did, and she replies, “They sent me to the hospital.” She feels Tadd is something special, and he hit it out of the ballpark. It was fired right out of the cannon, and he didn’t let up for a second, and neither did Chuck. His musicality was something else, and he has swagger for sure.

Melanie Moore is out for her solo to You’re the One That I Want by Angus & Julia Stone. It’s quite different than the one by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. I forgot to watch the dance because I ws so caught up listening to this very different version of the song.

Mitchell Kelly is together with Melody Lacayanga, and they’re doing a Tyce Dioro Broadway routine. It’s called Take Off With Us and is about the idea of flight. Mitchell notes Tyce has a unique strategy of explaining things. This is said before Tyce is asking if planes thrust. These two are flying first class tonight as they dance to Take Off With Us from All That Jazz. It’s well-danced and quite fun, but the flying thing doesn’t really connect really well. I thought it was just me at first, but apparently it wasn’t.

Neil didn’t get the airplane theme much either, saying it seemed disjointed and not well-thought out as a piece, yet he thinks Mitchell is a terrific dancer and seemed to be working hard to get it to come through. Mary thinks the number was a lot of fun, but feels like it was overbaked, especially in the facials. It was just overdone. Nigel thinks in dealing with Fosse-esque numbers, they need to think more about style than overperforming. He seemed to over-egg the pudding. The Fosse thing is something they really get into, and it’s more than pointed fingers and toes and making everything really big.

Ricky Jaime is out to dance his solo, as he does contemporary to Daylight Breaks by Cassidy Haley. I definitely like him better without Ricky. He messes up and runs off the stage instead of to Cat Deely.

Clarice Ordaz dances her solo to Royal T by Crookers featuring Roison Murphy. She does an interesting switch of technique with the tempo.

Caitlynn Lawson is working with Pasha Kovalev on a Miraim Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo tango. The story goes back in time to the 1930s and a man and woman who have been disconnected. They need to make the audience feel like they’re spying on them in this intimate moment. They’re tangoing to Malajunta by Orquesta Color Tango. It’s done so well, it doesn’t look amazing, and just looks normal if that makes sense. I kind of did feel a little like I was spying on them.

Mary gives a standing O to Caitlynn, saying it was well-deserved, as well as the choreographers. This was the first Argentine tango of the season, and it was worth the wait for her. Caitlynn is just breathtaking in this with all the technical moves. She made it all seem effortless, and the passion was more real tonight for her than any other number. She was a complete woman tonight and not a little girl. Mary can’t remember when she enjoyed something more.

Nigel thinks Mary is right, as he had complained a number of times about Caitlynn being immature, but tonight she was a woman, and far sexier than anything she’s ever done before in the competition. She didn’t overperform and left the audience as voyeurs. The two other women she watched do this were Miriam and Pasha’s partner Anya, and now he’s adding the name Caitlynn Lawson to that short list. Neil thinks it started out a tiny bit slow, then was suddenly zoning into it as it felt like great theater. She matched Pasha and keyed right into him. This is the first time he’s ever wanted to learn the Argentine tango.

Mitchell takes the floor to solo to John Legend’s This Time. He does amazingly, but his white shorts look kind of like a diaper.

Sasha is paired with Twitch on a Christopher Scott hip hop routine. The story is they’re a couple that’s in a burned-out relationship. They need to do something to rekindle the flame. She jumps on the table and demands he pay attention to her. Twitch points out you can’t come in slipping when you’re dancing with her, as she’ll dance you right off the stage. They’re dancing to Misty Blue by Dorothy Moore. Unbelievably, she’s going toe-to-toe with Twitch, for the first time perhaps since Alex Wong did it last season.


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