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So You Think You Can Dance, July 20 – Eeny Meeny Miney All-Star

Things couldn’t be any more exciting tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. Not only is it the top 10 dancing the All-Stars as well as individual solos, the guest judge is Neil Patrick Harris! Now that’s excitement! Let’s hope the dancing  equals that. From what we’ve seen so far this season, though, I expect it will!

Joining Neil on the judging panel is Nigel Lythogoe and Mary Murphy, as always. Nigel talks about the tour, saying the box office opens on July 29th. Neil is already in what he calls his judging posture, and says he’s a big fan of the show, but is also so proud of Nigel to bring these types of dance into living rooms to have everyone be so enthusiastic about it.

Marko Germar is paired up first with Chelsie Hightower working on a Jason Gilkison samba. Jason explains it’s a story of a photographer and his muse. He wants nothing mroe than to take her further every time. Marko talks about how fast the dance is, leading to him taking it in the face a few times from Chelsie. They dance tonight to Cinema Italiano (The Ron Fair Remix) by Kate Hudson. It’s just pure excitement. He’s proving to be just as good with or without Melanie. Somehow he matches Chelsie hip for hip.

Marko is the only one being judged. Neil calls this performance amazing, and a really dirty way to start a show, with a scissor kick around his face. He would have kissed her, too, by the end of it. He calls Marko unbelievable, and says he can relate to his story. He dances so cool and and with so much strength. He’s the guy to beat. Mary tells Marko he’s the real deal. He does everything and is turning out to be so versatile that it won’t surprise her for him to be in that finale. Jason played to his strengths, and the crotch lift was unbelievable. His hips were wowing everyone, as well as his footwork.

Nigel loved the fact that in practice Marko got hurt and dropped Chelsie a few times in practice, yet somehow got the courage to pull this off seamlessly tonight. They would have never known he had problems with that lift. It’s going to give him great courage in life to know he can persevere. They really think he’s ahead of the field, and he hasn’t lost any chemistry, despite losing Melanie. “But hey, you’re not dancing with the stars.” That Nigel. He loves his quips!

Sasha Mallory dances a solo to Syrup & Honey by Duffy. She’s just so grounded and earthy. That’s what I always like about her.

Jordan Casanova is paired up with All-Stars Brandon Bryant, and they’re dong a Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson contemporary about all the highs and lows from when you’re in love. Love isn’t safe, so there’s nothing safe in this. It’s challenging and just never stops. Brandon wishes he could just get one breath. Dancing tonight to Who You Are (Live Acoustic Version) by Jessie J, he’s definitely flat-out amazing, she’s not too far behind. I definitely get the desperateness of being in love in this.

Mary admits it’s great to see Brandon on the stage, but tells Jordan she was just fierce tonight, and if there was anyone who didn’t understand how great and fantastic she was, Dwight and Desmond just served her well and played to all her strengths. Nigel tells Dwight and Desmond they are two of the world’s best contemporary choreographers. While Mary said they played to her strengths, she doesn’t have many weaknesses, allowing them to do whatever they wanted to do, which they haven’t always been able to do on the show. She was with Brandon who was doing moves that made Mary’s eyes split, but his eyes still kept returning to her. He wants the dance fans to wake up and keep this girl in the competition.

Neil has to agree with Nigel and Mary. It took his breath away, and he was breathing heavy watching it and watching her expressions and watching her feel that number. It was impressive. Everyone knows how impressive Brandon is, shirtless and yoked, but Neil couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

Taking the stage for a solo now is Jess LeProtto. He dances to Harry Connick, Jr.’s Come By Me. There he is in all his Gene Kelly-type of fineness. He’s goofy and good at the same time, reminding me almost a little of Dick Van Dyke.

Tadd Gadduang is paired with Comfort Fedoke working on a Chuck Maldonado hip hop routine. He really wants to make it hard core and put Tadd out there in the limelight. Comfort needs to be right there for him to make him be like a man. “Gutter Sexy.” Tadd notes if Comfort thinks he doesn’t have any swag, she’ll go rabid when he sees “this.” And this is his washboard abs. Tonight they’re dancing to Look at Me Now by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes. Their dancing even seems to match  the fast-paced talking of this song.


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