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Tour Guides and Todd's Surprise — Last Comic Standing: Episode 6

To paraphrase the wise sage, Justin Timberlake, John Heffron ‘cried himself a river’ because he caved into the ‘alliance’ and voted his friend, Bonnie, off. Of course, he didn’t feel too terrible that he whooped her but good in the challenge. He came back to the house and said he wasn’t gonna give in to the pressure anymore. He really did cry a lot and told everyone he was an alliance of one. From now on, he was ‘gonna vote with his heart’.

Then, some Disney animals came into the living room and there was a beautiful song and dance number including Vanessa Williams.

Sorry, I was flipping back and forth between LCS and Pocahontas.

The comics were told that they had to compete for their first immunity challenge. They were auditioning as Hollywood tour guides and the comic that won over the crowd on the tour bus would be exempt from performing in the head-to-head challenge.

It really was no competition. Ant pulled Hollywood facts and figures out of his a**. He creamed the other comics so bad. He won immunity easily.

On the bus ride back home, tensions flared when Todd called Ant an offensive name. Ant then likened Todd’s gay unfriendly lingo to the usage of a term that is horribly offensive and relates to African Americans. Well, Corey Holcomb, who hates Ant and Ant hates in return, got very upset. It was extremely intense. Ant almost got stomped on.

The producers brought in a yoga instructor to release some of the tension. That was funny. Ant smoked through the whole session; Todd Glass napped. He snored so loudly that he threw a few of the other comics off their chi, so to speak.

When the head-to-head vote came, it was all over the place.
In the end, there were 3 votes for Todd Glass and Tammy Pescatelli, 2 votes for Corey Holcomb and 1 vote each for Alonzo Bodden and Gary Gulman.

Todd and Tammy went head-to-head. No one expected Tammy to come back to the house. Well, the Sicilian kicked some Glass. She shattered Todd’s dreams of winning the competition and sent him packing.

I can’t wait to see the reaction when she returns to the house next week.


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