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Hell's Kitchen, July 18 – Don’t Go Peein’ Your Knickers Yet

Elise decides she is going to take charge and shove Carrie off of fish. I can’t help but cross my fingers that she fails miserably. Chef Ramsay is disgusted with Elise. Turns out she wanted to take charge of scallops so badly, she forgot about the 6 top appetizers she hasn’t gotten out yet. She is the first one in the red kitchen forced to sit out at the sidelines.

Jonathan brings another perfect Wellington to the pass; this time it doesn’t go out because Brendan is standing over a pan of potatoes – watching them burn. Paul and Jonathan, both working the grill, are disgusted with Brendan. Brendan is still “puffing out his chest”, as Will likes to say. I think his aura might be starting to stink.

James comes up to the pass and tells Chef Ramsay that diners are leaving. He calls the “three stooges” back into the kitchen and informs Blue team that they haven’t served a single entrée. The sink is literally overflowing a good two feet with pots and pans. He is looking for one of the three to volunteer to jump in and help cook. Steven volunteers to clean the pans.

Chef Ramsay shuts down both kitchens. He informs them that it has been the most disappointing reopening ever. Carrie and Elise go back and forth about who is responsible for the breakdown, the scallops or the risotto. Chef Ramsay turns to Blue, complimenting Paul and Jonathan on their grilling, and asks them how they feel about everything. Paul says he cannot believe that four times his meat couldn’t go out because of Brendan’s potatoes. In a very condescending tone, Brendan when asked, says he is “disappointed, but we’ll try not to disappoint them next time”. He adds that he is “really happy for Paul that he has learned how to cook protein”. OMG, Producers where do you find these people?

Blue loses with zero entrées leaving the kitchen. They need to come to a consensus on which two will be up for elimination. When back upstairs, the guys sit around trying to come to a decision. Paul is furious with Brendan and tells him if he ever does that again, he is gonna slap him across the face. Brendan’s response is “Shut-up, Dumpling.” Okay, I didn’t like Paul out of the gate because he is another one of these “girls-can’t-cook” types that the casting department loves to throw in the pot every season. But Brendan and his passive aggressive ego / aura are going to have me throwing things at the screen in a minute. Will tries to redirect the team. He thinks Paul and Jonathan banged out the service. The names being tossed around are Steven, Brendan and Chino. Steven does bring up the point that at least some of his food went out. Brendan and Chino were on entrees and brought the entire kitchen down.

The guys go back into the dining room. Chef Ramsay asks Jonathan who the team’s first nomination is. It’s Steven, due to the different methods he used and failed on. Monterray is the second nomination because of the garnish holding up entrees. Chef Ramsay agrees, but thinks there is a third who should be up there. Chef Ramsay calls forward Steven, Monterray and Chino.

Monterray, when asked, believes he should stay in Hell’s Kitchen because he can do better than Steven. I don’t know if saying you can do better then one of the worst is really a selling point. Monterray continues on that Steven didn’t do what he said he was going to do, and Chef Ramsay points out that neither did he. Steven believes he should stay because at least he got some entrées out. Chino believes he should stay because he was doing well until the cod. Chef Ramsay points out that he spent more time prepping garlic tonight than cooking anything.

Chef Ramsay decides to send Chino and Monterrey back in line. Steven is sent packing. Steven believes nice guys finish last, and that’s what happened to him. Chef Ramsay warns everyone to get a grip. Brendan tells the diary cam that its time him and Paul “go to the mattresses.” Huh? Maybe he likes Paul. First he calls him Dumpling, and now he wants to take him to the mattress.

Chef Ramsay ends the show saying that he knew early on that Steven’s chance of being an executive chef at BLT is as good as his was at winning a gold medal in figure skating. All that Brendan ridiculousness leaves my mind while I picture Chef Ramsay in a figure skater’s outfit.

I hope you enjoyed, see you next week!

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