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Hell's Kitchen, July 18 – Don’t Go Peein’ Your Knickers Yet

The ladies have to clean both kitchens after the signature dish preparation in time for the first dinner service. Red and Blue kitchens are both a huge mess. I will never understand why some of the women, every season, insist on wearing heels the first day. Surely they know they are going to be cooking; now they look ridiculous cleaning up in their Sunday best. Elise has that first chip on her shoulder; she is disgusted that she has to clean even though she won her point. Happens every year and cocky gets you nowhere fast on this show.

The next day the chefs go down into the kitchen for the prep of their first service. Jonathan is positive they are going to dominate the red team, which is kind of funny because they only won by one dish. Each contestant is getting a set of brand new kitchen knives. Jason over in blue isn’t looking so good. He is breathing really heavy, sweating and his face matches the red team. Will takes him away from the kitchen and tracks down the paramedics. He can’t catch his breath and is quickly given oxygen. He is moaning and appears to be hyperventilating. Minutes before service the paramedics are taking him to the hospital. Chef Ramsay comes in and informs the blue team that Jason will be in the hospital on bedrest for a few days and will not be returning to Hell’s Kitchen.

Is it too much to ask for one season of Hell’s Kitchen without a male chauvinist cast? Paul, the Jr. sous chef, opens his big mouth commenting that he is sure that the 8 guys remaining are better than the 9 ladies. I wish just once Hell’s Kitchen wouldn’t separate men versus women. The industry as a whole needs a wakeup call and making it an us vs. them doesn’t help.

The doors to Season 9, with a newly designed restaurant, are now open. There is a balcony above the kitchen with tables for a unique view. Chef Ramsay goes to Blue kitchen to call the first ticket and Chino asks him to repeat it, which is bad enough. When Chef Ramsay heads to Red for their first ticket, Elise starts recalling the ticket cutting Chef Ramsay off. This infuriates him; he calls her a big mouth and forces her to come up and call the ticket. Like I said earlier, there is no place for cocky in Hell’s Kitchen.

Monterray just makes it worse when he brings the garnish for an entrée up before the appetizers for that table even go out. Over in Red, Carrie looks right at Elise and asks her if she is ready. Elise says yes, Carrie goes to the window with her scallops. Elise is still cooking her Risotto; when she finally brings it up to the pass it looks like white rice. Chef Ramsay comments that it looks like rice pudding. Elise is thrown off the station, and Krupa steps in to make the risotto. ‘Tude is coming out of Elise’s pores at this point.

Steven over in Blue kitchen is a hot mess. I’m not sure what the point is to asking a question when you don’t listen to the answers, but that’s what he does. He asks his team at least three times if he can go to the window and at least three times people tell him no. He goes up anyway, but what makes it worse is that it isn’t even the first ticket he is early for. He is filling the second ticket. Chef Ramsay tells him to focus on one ticket at a time. Will is obviously the lead in the kitchen and is getting Steven back on track.

Krupa now brings her risotto to the pass and Chef Ramsay likes it. Her only mistake is the woo-hoo cheerleading she does on the way back to her station. That should be the second “don’t ever” rule of Hell’s Kitchen. Don’t ever cheer for yourself during service; it never, ever sits right with Chef Ramsay. Chef Ramsay tells her if she makes ten more like that, and it’s the end of service, then maybe, but she shouldn’t start peeing her knickers now.

Blue is starting to bring out entrees. Chino is first up to the pass with his cod, and Chef Ramsay doesn’t know what he has done to the food. There is no garnish on the plate and it is burnt, badly. Chef Ramsay calls Chino over to show him just how burnt it is. Off during a diary cam interview, Chino says he should know better than to burn cod because he is Asian. Huh? He is sent away from the grill to do prep work. Jonathan comments that the fish looked like it had roof tar on it.

Krupa is up to the pass with the red team’s first entrée, a perfect Wellington.

The fish station is empty without Chino, so Steven says “Yo, I’ll do it; I’ll cook good”. Steven brings up scallops. He thinks they are springy and ready. Chef Ramsay calls them rubbery. I don’t think that Steven is up to this level of competition. Chef Ramsay instructs him to sit down and eat his springy scallops and asks him to let him know how he feels halfway through. Steven, to me, seems to be enjoying them. Tommy steps up to the fish station, and he brings up boiled mushy scallops. He is asked to sit with Chino and Steven and eat the raw boiled scallop mush.

Over in Red, Carrie brings up overcooked scallops, then rubbery boiled scallops. The entire Red kitchen shuts down waiting for Carrie to cook scallops.

Jonathon cooks a perfect Wellington, which is ruined because Monterray can’t bring up garnish.