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Big Brother 13, July 17 – This Picnic Sucks!

For the Have-Nots competition, Jeff, Jordan, Dani, and Porsche are already Haves based on HoH and Golden Keys. The rest get with their pairs and don ant costumes, with two people of a pair in one ant costume. Dominic mentions that might have been nice if he was with a hot young lady, but not a 300-pound hairy rocker like Adam. Danielle asks if the costumes are chafing, and Dominic tells her he’s getting a lot of back sweat from Adam. That is just really gross. He really wants to win if he’s wearing a towel cape and dueling with Brendon, and getting chafed from Adam’s back sweat.

Also playing are Brendon/Rachel, Shelly/Cassi, and Kalia/Lawon. The ants are supposed to roll and walk over a picnic blanket and messy food to collect four food crumbs. They decide, “This picnic sucks!” The race is between Dominic/Adam and Brenchel, with the other teams never being in it.

Brenchel end up winning, but Kalia has lost more than the game. She’s stuck in the large can of baked beans with Lawon on top of her and can’t get out, saying she’s hurt. The Big Brother medic comes in and has to cut her out. They decide she’ll be okay, and Brenchel decide as the winners, they’ll make Dominic/Adam and Cassi/Shelly the Have Nots. What was that thing she was saying last week about not playing an emotional game this time?

Dominic goes to Jeff and Jordan and begs to be in their alliance. He tells them he needs to play with someone else now and wants to make a deal as his back is against the wall because of the vote-switching. They tell him he has to climb the ladder before he gets to the top. Jeff tells him they have to be able to trust him if he expects them to give him the Golden Key, or he could just go home now and not worry about it. Dominic promises he wouldn’t go after them.

Jordan still doesn’t trust Dominic, though, knowing he’s the leader of the newbies. Danielle talks to Jeff and Jordan who believe that either Cassi or Dominic have to go this week. Dani tries to make a plea for Dominic, saying she likes him and feels like they could manipulate him, as she doesn’t think he knows what he’s doing.

With the nominations looming, Adam doesn’t feel good about his chances of staying safe. Shelly keeps working both sides a little bit, but knows things can change on a dime and that no one is ever safe. Dominic hopes his meeting with Jeff and Jordan made an impact and that he and Adam won’t be nominated. Cassi is feeling good about her chances of staying safe, not feeling like her relationship with Rachel, or lock of one, will affect the nominations.

Jordan ends up nominating Dominic and Adam. She tells them she doesn’t know where their heads are at, and if one of them became HoH, she feels they’d be coming after her. She doesn’t really care if they’re mad, and is going with her gut, knowing she needs to get one of them out of the house.

Obviously Dominic’s work to align with the veterans didn’t help him too much yet, but he’s on the right track. He just needs to keep working it. He was so right to align with Dani. Right now she’s without a partner in the game, and isn’t always going to side with Brenchel and Jeff and Jordan. Instead of working Jeff and Jordan more, he needs to turn more against Cassi and Shelly, even though Cassi is one of the people he trusts most. She’s the biggest target aside from him and Adam, and he needs to exploit that.

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