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Big Brother 13, July 17 – This Picnic Sucks!

It’s just the second week in the Big Brother house, but it could be an interesting one. With the veterans winning the second Head of Household in a row, it gives a newbie an excellent shot at making a big move. Someone should try to align with one of the veteran pairs and Dani, and try to get them to nominate the other veteran pair to gain control of the house again.

To start out with, I’m kind of mad at Kalia and Shelly, because they switched their votes to get rid of Keith. Porsche’s first act after getting the Golden Key and hanging around now until final ten is to stick her tongue out at Keith. Nice. Rachel is just thanking her lucky stars that the newbies are such idiots to change their votes to align with them.

Some of the newbies gather together trying to figure out who it was that switched their votes. It’s Cassi, Dominic, Shelly, and Kalia in the room, and Shelly and Kalia pretend to be just as flabberghasted as the others about the vote-switchers. Lawon and Adam join, and Adam admits he was asked to join the veterans, but says he refused. Dominic walks out, making Adam think he was one of the rats.

Jeff asks Dominic about the votes, saying he thought the newbies had the votes for Keith to say. Dominic plays dumb and tells him they didn’t know who to vote for, because the veterans never told them who they wanted to leave. He was just trying to vote with the majority. Kalia tells Danielle everyone thinks the rat is Adam because of his connection with Dick. Dominic also tells Cassi he thinks it’s Adam. He thinks it’s over for the two of them, and says he doesn’t trust anyone but her and Shelly. He wants to fix his game, though, so wants to start working with Dani to get rid of Adam.

Dominic tells Danielle he doesn’t trust anyone anymore when they discuss who it was that switched their votes to keep Porsche. He knows that flirting with Dani is the only way for him to connect with her. I have to admit, they would make a cute couple. I wonder what Dick is thinking watching it. I wonder if he approves.

The obvious dislike is there between Rachel and Cassi comes up when Rachel is doing dishes and notes. Rachel feels the awkwardness, saying it’s like crickets. Cassi comes up and just gets in Rachel’s space and hangs around to show her she messed with the wrong girl. She’s not going to cower because she’s “Rachel.” Rachel believes Cassi is the one running the newbies’ “circus.”

Dominic works on his social game with the veterans. When Jeff gets totally weird and dons his red leotard from last week’s comp and picks up a stuffed turtle, calling him Franklin, the house pet, Dominic then comes out with a cape made from a towel, and the two duel. He wants to butter Brendon up, even if it costs him some integrity.

Dominic goes to talk to Jeff and Jordan and tells them they know how to play the game better than him. He respects them as players. If they nominate him and he ends up with the Golden Key, he knows he will owe them a lot. They talk about inviting Adam into their alliance, and Dominic tells them Adam lied right to his face. He doesn’t know if he can trust him. Jordan tells him if they do align with him, they’ll make sure he gets the key and doesn’t go home. He also keeps working on Dani, as they try to cook up a plan to get Dominic and Adam on the block to get Adam out.


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