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Big Brother 13, July 13-14 – The Veterans' Surprise Dominance

Asked to give final words to the other houseguests before the vote, Keith wanted them all to remember to never take things personal and remember it’s just a game. Porsche gave a weird message, noting that the superfans know more than the veterans. That seemed liked a hidden message to someone to let them know they had it over the veterans.

Although the odds were stacked against them, the veterans somehow worked the vote to their favor to evict Porsche. Dominic, Cassi, Lawon, and Adam voted to evict Porsche, the others all voted to evict Keith, with Shelly and Kalia voting with the veterans. It’s not clear whether they know that it was Kalia and not Adam voting with them.

After he was evicted, Keith said he was very shocked to be voted out because of the others in the house who promised him they had his best interests at heart. He wishes now he could have played a little differently. Lawon told him in his goodbye messages that he was acting a fool, and that’s why he was out of the game. Rachel told him he underestimated hurricane Brenchel.

In the Head of Household competition, the veterans needed another win in order to help themselves out in the game. They swung the vote their way, but if a newbie won, surely they would nominate a veteran pair to help gain control of the game again. The challenge was set up like a round of goofy golf. Watchers of the live feeds know that the houseguests were allowed to practice on it over the last few days. Fans of the show know that in their season, Jeff had thrown a golfing challenge to Jordan.

In the challenge, with Rachel, Dani, and Porsche not competing because of being outgoing HoH and having Golden Keys, Rachel was allowed to pick the order the others would play in. The closest to the goal would win. Surely it would be to the advantage of the veterans for them to play last. Dominic went first, and remained in the lead until Kalia tied him, then Jordan knocked them both out. Jeff and Brendon were after her, and their services not needed; they threw it.

It’s a clear advantage for the veterans, as now Jeff, Brendon, and Rachel will be able to fight for the next HoH. Had Jeff or Brendon been needed this time, they wouldn’t be able to play next week. The next HoH will probably be more trivia or mental, and Brendon and Rachel do well in those types of comps. Somehow things are really working out the veterans’ way, despite the early surprise departure of Dick.

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