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Big Brother 13, July 13-14 – The Veterans' Surprise Dominance

It’s just one week into Big Brother 13, and we’re already down two players. “Evil Dick” Donato had to leave the game early because of a personal emergency in his life, yet producers still suck by the original plan to evict someone tonight. While it clearly put the veterans down two people because his partner, his daughter Danielle, was given the safety of a Golden Key and is now not allowed to compete in any challenges, and put them four to eight in the house, somehow the veterans pulled it out to keep control tonight.

Wednesday night, audiences saw what CBS had announced earlier in the week. Dick disappeared from the house one afternoon and didn’t return. He was called to the diary room and informed of a personal situation in his life and chose to leave the game. Danielle knew he wouldn’t do that unless it was really important, noting that he doesn’t love anything more than the
Big Brother game. She’s safe until final ten, which is good for her, yet having set records with the number of vetoes she won last time in the game, she is not allowed to compete now for four weeks.

The veterans, while shocked, regrouped and decided on a plan. Mostly, they were following the path that Dick had laid out for them before his departure. He aligned with Porsche, even though they decided to put her and her partner Keith on the block. They asked Porsche to throw the veto comp, but her partner was already throwing it for his side. Rachel and Brendon won the veto easily and kept the nominations the same.

After, Keith felt everything was going according to plan, while Porsche felt the same, knowing that the veterans were seeing that she was loyal, and he was a strong competitor that needed to be removed from the game. Dominic, Lawon, and Cassie wanted to keep Keith in the house, while the veterans knew that with people allowed to vote, it put them at six votes to four. They knew they needed one swing vote to tie it so that Rachel could break the tiebreaker in their favor. They set their sights on Adam, Shelly, and possibly Cassi.

Brendon set it up with Shelly, seeing her as the motherly figure in the house. He told her they wanted to keep her and get rid of her partner Cassi. She wants to play with the veterans because it’s fun. The veterans invited Adam into the alliance and let him name it. “Adam’s Angels.” Cassi was never one they could land. She was clearly on the other side.

During the live show, the houseguests were shown a video message from Dick. He told them his family and girlfriend were all okay, and everyone knows how much he loves the game, so he never would have left had it not been for an emergency. He told Dani he was sorry they wouldn’t get to spend the summer together, as playing Big Brother seemed to be when they got along the best. He promised he’d be watching from home, and that he wanted to see great game play and backstabbing.

Danielle was put on the spot by Julie Chen to leave a message for her dad. She stammered through saying she didn’t know what to expect, then got hit with this. She mentioned it was hard for people to remember it was real life for her and not just Big Brother. Julie asked if there wasn’t an “I love you” somewhere in there for her dad, and she stammered again saying that was awkward for her, but of course she loves Dick, as he’s her biological father. Later when voting she worked in that of course she loved her dad and is very worried about him.

dick’s message I’m alright girlfriend family okay. everyone knows how much I love this game would have never left if wasn’t for a emergency danielle, I’m really sorry we won’t get to spend the summer together seem to get along best when we’re on BB. that’s a big loss. rest, going to be watching, want to see great game play, backstabbing. dani, I didn’t know what to expect, and then they throw this at me. the hardest part for people is to remember this is real life and not BB. no I love you so awkward. biological father .


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