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So You Think You Can Dance, July 13 – Jesse and the Missing Osmond

Caitlynn and Mitchell worked with Travis Wall on a 70s-inspired routine with her being a rock star who finds out this guy she’s in love with is married, and she gets a little mad. She’s never slapped anyone before, so keeps doing what Mitchell calls a “Gradnma-Kiss-on-the-Cheek” slap. Travis celebrates once she finally does it. Let’s see if she can do it tonight as they dance to Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin. Yes, and then some. It’s a good thing they have this one to cover up what they did in their first dance. I’ll remember this one, not the other one.

Mary calls this slightly naughty, a little intense, and gusty, but she loved it. She wonders if she really hit him, and Caitlynn notes she did. Mitchell thinks it was a payback for when he hit her in the nose. They had tough choreography, but  handled it well. Caitlynn is dazzling tonight, and Mary loved it. Jesse tells them only they can prevent forest fires, by they should never dance in a forest like that, as they would start a fire. Caitlynn looks amazing, and Jesse adds he has the boots in red. His Twitter fans were telling him to be critical, but he doesn’t know what else to say other than it was fantastic.

Sonya tells Caitlynn and Mitchell it was really, really hot. Caitlynn shouldn’t be so hot, as she’s just a baby, and it makes her feel uncomfortable. Mitchell should know Sonya loves him, but sometimes she doesn’t know where he was. He starts to lose the focus in the midst of his partnering. but overall it was sick. Nigel calls that good advice, as he needs to be careful to not lose what it’s all about He doesn’t want to say anything to Caitlynn for fear of incriminating himself as a dirty old man. It was sensational, but he’s not sure they should have been looking at the audience.

Melanie and Marko work on a Dee Caspary routine about a couple slipping in and out of the light, with Melanie trying to convince Marko who is in a daqrk ploace that the light is a good place. Even as a contemporary dancer, Melanie finds this piece challenging. David J. Roch’s Skin & Bones  plays as they take on this style. It must be extra hard to do your own style, as more is expected of you, but it’s … beautiful.

Jesse says his main objective tonight was to be somewhat coherent, but he seems to be at a loss of words. He has goosebumps like Braille on his arm and is christening this the moth dance, with his previous favorite being the statue dance. It was brilliant and emotional, and he still has goosebumps. Sonya is just so grateful that this is the future of dance. It makes her so inspired. She won’t get emotional, but wants to say thank you and please stay humble and true, as Melanie and Marko are so unbelievably amazing.

Nigel is exctied about next week when the couples get split up, apart from breaking these two up, as Melanie and Marko are magical together. He agrees with Jesse that it’s the moths around the flame scenario in this routine. He compliments Dee, as his favorite style of choreography is when it flows and doesn’t feel like steps put together. This felt like they wre moving to their own magical movement. Mary wants to celebrate everything they have done so far, and notes Dee did some great choreography with this. They are surely two shining stars on the show.

Clarice and Jess got together with Tony and Melanie for a jive that Tony promises will be fast. Jess notes, “You name it, it’s in this jive.” Meredith even asks if it’s as high as he can kick at one point, wanting more. They dance tonight to Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That by Robert Randolph & the Family Band. and it’s a rock-n roll inspired jive. He does a great clapping move while in the splits that ‘s great. It’s just an unusual dance, and not what you would expect from a Tony and Melanie jive.

Sonya loves it, calling it perfect, adorable, and amazing. Nigel agrees it was very good, and Jess has a helluva high kick, but he’s uncomfortable when he lifts. He felt the footwork was good and would have liked a little more energy. He is worried people won’t vote for them, but is keeping his fingers crossed for them.

Mary agrees. The leg kicks were fabulous, but it lost steam as it went along. It’s such a partying get-down kicking dance. Clarice had it from the beginning and was so strong and dynamic. Jesse thought they were fantastic together. He notes he does not own the keys to Broadway and isn’t the mayor, but Neil Patrick Harris is, and Jess needs those keys. Before he ends, he adds that as a fan of the show, he thinks Cat deserves an Emmy nomination tomorrow.

It seems the only dancers that can sleep well tonight are Sasha, Alexander, Melanie, and Marko. Those four have been consistently good since the beginning of the season, save for Alexander being carried, as Nigel mentioned. The other eight dancers, however, might find it hard to get their forty winks tonight. They know they might be going tomorrow, having come thisclose to the final ten. I do hope Jesse comes back for results night on Thursday, because he was a lot of fun, both him and the missing Osmond, as well as Sonya and Nigel.

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