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So You Think You Can Dance, July 13 – Jesse and the Missing Osmond

Sonya calls Clarice and Jess adorable, and notes she swings every time she watches them. It’s so hard to find that groove defined in the world of hip hop, yet they slayed it. Nigel loved the story of it, simply told, and simply and beautifully danced. He wasn’t sure about the style of it when it started, but when it went into the chorus with the bounce in it, it’s when he really started to like it. He tells Christopher to stick with these simple stories instead of going too far and broad.

Sasha and Alexander worked with Tyce Diorio in a piece about life for their second routine. Alexander appreciates that the choreographer is allowing them to be themselves. She thinks it’s what they’ve been through. Aretha Franklin’s That’s Life plays in the background as Sasha and Alexander meet under a street lamp. Again, she personifies strength, and for once I really like him as much as her. And this piece is as promised; it’s a celebration.

Jesse notes a few seasons ago Melissa did This Woman’s Work, and a few weeks before, Sasha did the marching routine. He felt like they’d never come out of the shadow of that number, but this was beyond and amazing. It’s his favorite number tonight. He also wants her to tell her sister he says hi. Sonya again wants permission to swear, then says Tyce is the “bleep.” He’s one of the most versatile choreographers she knows. She has been praying and hoping for this for Alexander the whole season. He dove in and looked amazing, and broke the shell and needs to keep it. This is what she means about conviction .

Nigel keeps it real and says for a few weeks Sasha has carried Alexander in some of the routines, but not tonight. He doesn’t know what happened this week, but this is the best he’s ever seen Alexander dance. Sasha was still extremely strong, and the only shaky thing on the stage was the lamppost. Mary absolutely agrees with everything the others said. Alexander had a breakthrough night. There was a freedom and relaxed way about him, as he let it all go and just went with it. She worried about him and is glad to not have to any more.

Jordan and Tadd pulled Brodway with Spencer Liff for their second routine. Jordan is a princess who has been asleep for a hundred years, and waiting for her prince to come in and kiss her. She’s supposed to be grossed out by Tadd’s kiss for some reason. Spencer is surprised Jordan doesn’t have more acrobatic skills. They dance to Out Tonight from Rent. Part of it is the song itself, but it’s a really cute routine, and plays up to the sweetness that Jordan always seems to possess.

Sonya apologizes and says she loves both Jordan and Tadd, and loves Spencer as well, but felt a little underwhelmed. She felt it was a jungle of things, and knows their abilities and craft, and didn’t see it, but loves both of them. Nigel thought it could have ben a little quirkier. Once you do something like this, it could be a little sillier, like a little more Toni Basil to it. He wanted a bit more quirk to it. They started, but then lost it with a series of lifts. He just needed more.

Mary tells Jordan and Tadd they have to find a way to really make it work, and it just wasn’t strong enough. They had such a dynamic first number, which makes it more difficult when it’s more like cotton candy. She likes cotton candy, but too much of it is overkill. Jesse kind of agrees with the others, saying it was a bit of a grab bag between style and dance, yet their first number was literally one of his favorites of the season, so he thinks they’ll be safe.

Ryan and Ricky worked with Louis on a cha cha, and he is promising they won’t fall into the bottom three again, a heavy promise after Nigel pointed out they fell in the bottom three last week after an amazing routine. Ricky is excited for it to be out tof their comfort zone. Louis promises they just need to be hot. Ricky hopes Mary has her hot tamale train ready. They dance to Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You) by Enrique Iglesias featuring DJ Frank E, and the heat isn’t necessarily there. Fast hips and feet, but not heat.

Nigel thought Ricky did a good job and kept his feet beneath himself almost painting the loor, and his hips were terrific. He felt Ryan was overdoing it or egging the footing a little. She needs to be careful to bring her feet together, as they were going to the side instead of behind. Mary notes it was the fastest darn cha cha she’s ever seen. She agrees with Nigel, that Ryan was hot when she came out, but it went sloppy. She doesn’t know who Ricky is right now, as from the second he started, he was living the cha cha the way she likes to see it. Ryan isn’t on the train, but Ricky is.

Jesse accuses Ryan of flirting with him, and says message received, loud and clear. He doesn’t have authority to put anyone on the hot tamale train, but he agrees Ricky needs to be on it. This is his favorite of Ricky’s entire season so far. Sonya loved that Ricky was celebrating and basking in it. With Ryan and the conviction she feels, it gets a little mixed up sometimes. Sonya never wants to her to lose that, but wants her to embrace how wonderful she is.


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