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Who's Movin' Out: Last Comic Standing – Episode 5

So, the final ten finally moved into the house. Let me tell you a little bit about the house. I thought I was watching MTV’s the Osbourne’s when the comics pulled into the driveway. I think it’d be funny if Jay London and Ozzy Osbourne had a conversation, but that’s just me. (Can you say, Shahhhhhhhhhhhhhrooohnnn…)

The house was like the Brady Bunch meets the Addams Family. The gaudy décor was not lost on the comics, many of whom felt like the joke was on them.

The roommate pairings were hardly arbitrary. Tammy Pescatelli and Bonnie McFarlane were together. Cat fest! Meeeeowwww! Ant and Corey Holcomb, are in the same room too. Corey is admittedly homophobic and well, Ant, is not the Queen to cure him.

The first challenge was tough. The comics went to a 24-hour laundromat. Their mission: to make people who were washing their clothes on a weeknight, laugh.

It was tough. Comic after comic went down without a laugh. It was frustrating for the contestants, and irritating for more than a few of the patrons of the laundromat.

Tammy Pescatelli couldn’t perform. Perhaps she has a lint allergy or something because she lost her voice. Bonnie McFarlane didn’t hold any punches. She told Ant that Tammy was weak because she choked.

Of course, I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself with the drama. The laundromat challenge ended with a winner. It was Corey Holcomb. He got to perform at the Aspen Comedy Fest. He took Kathleen Madigan along with him.

Watching Corey attempt to ski was a bit funnier than his set, but that’s not very, very nice. He actually did really well and made some serious industry people laugh. That’s not easy. Kudos, Corey!

Back at the house, there was drama most notably between Tammy and Bonnie. Tammy, Ant, Alonzo, Jay and a few of the other housemates have an alliance. Ant hates Todd Glass and wanted him to go first.

Tammy moved in and explained the Mafia way of destruction. “You’ve got to kill his whole family, you know the people around him to make him hurt worse. That’s how you destroy someone like Todd Glass.” Okay, I’m actually paraphrasing, but their current strategy is to go through Todd’s crew.

When it came time to vote, Bonnie was the first comic challenged to the ‘laugh off’. John Heffron, a close friend of Bonnie’s, voted for her. That hurt her a bit so she chose him as her competitor that evening.

John seemed to be so upset that he hurt Bonnie and that she chose him, I thought he was going to choke. He didn’t. His set was so strong and he knocked Bonnie out of the house with a 96% vote by the audience.

I wonder if that will set him up as a target next week. Maybe, Ant and Corey will come to blows. Ant is upset that Corey thought he was the ‘weakest link’, but Todd and Ant hate each other and well, Alonzo and Todd snore so much that cute Gary Gulman may bust some heads.

Maybe next week, the term “Last Comic Standing” will take on a different meaning as the housemates come to blows. Not sure, but I’ll be watching.


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