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Big Brother 13, July 10 – Better Grab the Life Vests

From watching tonight’s episode of Big Brother 13, it certainly seems like the veteran players own this game. They’ve done it before, and there are two winners in the group. All six of them are extremely good players, and so far, they’re running the show. However, it is only the first week, and as the announcer hinted at the end of the episode, something happens this week to threaten all of that.

It didn’t take the veterans long to realize how to manipulate the Golden Key and what it could mean to the game. Rachel realized right away that it was a different way to look at who was up for eviction. Now you need to think of who you want to keep around and give the key to, and who you want to get rid of. Brendon knows it’s designed for floaters, yet it doesn’t make him and Rachel like the floaters any more than they did before.

Dick predicts the newbies are going to go down like they’re at a shooting range. His plan is to pick off the strong ones in each pair and keep the weak ones. He and daughter Danielle are estranged once again, and she knew it would be awkward spending time with him, but knows when it comes to Big Brother, they just know how to do it. Dick predicts it will be like season eight all over again for them. He figures they’d have a fine relationship if they could just play the game all the time. Now there’s a plan.

The newbies certainly seem a little delusional, as they think they can control the veterans and do it easily. Adam figures he’ll just tell Dominic that he’s sorry, but he can’t fight for both of them. He’s just assuming Dominic needs his help. Porsche plans to get on the veterans’ side, looking at it and realizing the major advantage they have with the proven comp winners. Keith thinks it’s too early to work with the veterans, in other words assuming he has the luxury of turning them down.

Brendon and Rachel are using the show for some pre-marriage counseling. While she questions if Cassi has had either Botox or a nose job, he points out that Cassi is only 26 and really doesn’t need anything like that. He makes it clear he doesn’t want Rachel to ever get any work done. He questions how he would look with four arms, and she figures it would just be all the more to pleasure her with. She also adds he may say he’s completely against enhancements, but he’s never complained about her enhanced breasts.

Even though the eight newbies decided they’d stick together, once the Golden Key came out, it changed the rules. Dominic, Keith, and Lawon get together and form a small alliance against their partners. They want to bring in a fourth from the other newbie duo and pull in Cassi. They figure they can ride that to the end.

The veterans are pulling in players as well. Dick has taken it upon himself to do the dirty work. He pulls in Porsche, figuring she’s easily manipulated and was very competitive in the banana challenge. He tells her to not believe what she hears, as he’ll stab her in the front, not the back. Dick also pulls in Adam, obviously listening to the metal head’s adoration of him.

Cassi turns right around, though, and stabs Dick, telling Keith about the conversation. He realizes she just admitted to working with the others, and shares that with Dominic and Cassi. Adam promises that he’s just eating up all Dick’s offers to join them, but that he better watch out, as he’s coming after him. He realizes they call him Evil Dick for a reason.

In the Have Not competition, Rachel and Brendon aren’t participating, and the others are split into three groups of two duos each. The Have Nots will sleep in a padded room where the lights have to be kept on, will take cold showers, and eat slop.

The competition has the teams dressed like “cows on the moon” and soaking up milk in their spongey costumes. The fourth person on each team needs to squeeze the milk out of the costumes to collect several bottles of it. Keith looks like he thinks he’s riding horses instead of his teammates, and it looks quite sexual and gross. The veterans win easily, with Cassi, Shelly, Kalia, and Lawon losing and becoming Have Nots. Shelly admits she felt like she was in a women’s prison fight.

Before the nomination ceremony, Lawon feels like Charlie in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, wanting a golden ticket/golden key. Rachel knows this first week could set the tone for the entire game. She wants to do better this season and not be an emotional nominator. Brendon warns that just like last season, the floaters better grab life vests.

Rachel nominates Porsche and Keith. Dick, of course, wants to get rid of Keith to have Porsche working with them, but what they don’t know about is the secret alliance. Dominic, Lawon, and Cassi will automatically be voting to keep Keith. Of course in the veto comp, Keith and Porsche will have to fight for themselves. What hasn’t been announced yet is how the veto will work in these pairs. If someone from another pair wins the veto and pulls Keith and Porsche off, will it also keep the veto-winning duo safe?

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