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Expedition: Impossible – Ep 3 – I’m Missing My Prom For This

Task 1 – Collect some camel food, and hike 1.5 miles to the Camel Outpost and trade for the camels. Not bargain, because that would be interesting, just a straight pre-planned trade.

Task 2 – hike 3.8 miles with the camels. Riding the camels seems to be optional.

Task 3 – use barrels and poles to assemble a raft and paddle a long way across to an island.

Task 4 – Paddle another mile to the mandatory rest spot. Sleep. Gypsies and Country Boys arrive together in first. Cali and Kansas arrive together in last.

Task 5 – With a crazy wind blowing, walk 3.5 miles to a series of poles.

Task 6 – Using a scroll, unwrap it around the pole to reveal a secret combination to open a lock with the next clue. Country Boys surprisingly figure it out first. This full bunching is ok, as it was somewhat natural. Although a larger head start for the lead teams would have been nicer. Fishermen struggle and fall 20 minutes behind everyone.

Task 7 – Run one mile to a checkpoint at a footbridge.

Task 8 – Walk 4.1 miles along a river to the leg’s end, or walk 3.3 miles up the mountain pass. It turns out the river pass came with a cold wind, which made it just as hard, if not harder. Only Kansas and the Cops take the mountain pass.

Moments of Impossibility
• One area of differentiation – no TAR-like opening credits. Of course, that may be one of the most awesome parts of TAR, but still. Different.
• Kansas Lindsey bragged about being the Camel Whisperer – by the way, there’s an Animal Planet reality show I would watch – and of course, jinxed the team badly. Her camel suddenly went bat-sh*t crazy and actually bucked her and stepped on her. But, hey, that Lindsey is pretty darn tough. She got up and moved right along.
• Good for Blind Erik for trying to get on that camel, but alas, not really an option. He then had to walk almost four miles leading them. Tough dude.
• I think camels are pissy animals because reality shows keep using them for comedic purposes.
• Notice how the Footballers spied on the Country Boys to find out how to make the rafts? That’s twice they have been unable to complete a task on their own and had to watch someone else solve it. Not doing a lot for the image of jocks, are they? And by the way, great job by the boys to make that raft, thanks to CB Jason and his construction background.
• Akbar’s latest winning line, regarding the Country Boys – “They got lakes all over, and the Mississippi River that takes them everywhere.” Yeah, they’re basically living the plot of Huck Finn.
• Jeff regarding Blind Erik not doing some challenges – “He’s never going to play football, he’s not going to drive a car, and he’s not going to do some of these challenges.”
• Fish Joe – “We don’t want to get beaten by girls, or the blind guy and his buddies.” Hmm, guess what…
• Mackenzie is missing her prom for this. I wonder what they are teaching them in those Kansas schools where you think hiking in water shoes is a good idea.
• Was one of the Cali girls really kicking her feet to get the raft moving? That seemed like a good idea?
• Great sentence from Lindsey – “I was dragging today, because I was stepped on by a camel.” Heh.
• Cali Natalie completely understanding how 69-year-old grandfathers live – “He paddles every day of his life.”
• Also, this episode is guilty of excessive use of the word paddle.
• Fab 3 breaking ground for gay people – “At least our water shoes match.”
• Nice moment where Lindsey gave Mac a piggyback ride to rest her damaged ankles. Later Mac showed some toughness – “I don’t want to talk about it or think about it.”
• Fish Nino channels Dr. McCoy – “We’re fishermen, not locksmiths.”
• I love the Fisherman making their comeback, “That’s another team, Joe.” Who else would it be?

Order of Finish – Gypsies, again in first. Then No Limits, Country Boys, Footballers, Fab 3, Firefighters, Cali Girls, Cops, Kansas, Fishermen, and Grandpa (Eliminated)

Next week – – Snowy mountains. Chad struggles. AJ is sick and Keri is in tears.

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