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Big Brother 13 Spoilers – The First PoV and Dick's Exit

CBS officially announced late Friday that “Evil Dick” Donato has left the series. Those of us with the live feeds saw that for ourselves when we excitedly turned on the feeds for the first time this season, anticipating his antics. He was nowhere to be found, and it turns out his housemates didn’t know where he was either. Despite the drama, there was still a Power of Veto to play.

The houseguests still are just as much in the dark as we are to the reasons Dick left the house. Danielle was assured everyone in her family was okay. CBS issued a statement confirming that he left the house, but declining to to name the reason. They promise everyone will know when that part of the taped show airs on Wednesday night.

There are rumors all over the Internet that he was kicked off the show for posting a video, and even that he was arrested. Yet the most common theory out there is that something serious happened to his girlfriend, possibly the only person he is that close to that has no connection to his daughter.

The talk on Friday wasn’t so much on where Dick was, but how different it was without him, and how it changed everything. Adam bemoaned the fact that he never even got to play against him. Daniele bemoaned the fact that she’s stuck not participating in competitions until the final ten. Everyone agreed that it was definitely quieter in the house without Dick.

The houseguests waited throughout the day to play for the power of veto. Keith and Porsche are on the block. Originally the plan was to take her out, as she seems to be playing both sides, but Keith started getting his name thrown out there as well after a big off-camera blowup. Additionally, he showed his penis to Porsche, and later the other houseguests. Porsche assured everyone his was a Little Brother and not Big Brother.

Every season the houseguests invent a new game to play to occupy their time. This year they invented Bozo Buckets out of coffee cans, stock pots, etc. When they tired of hitting the buckets all in a row, it turned into a game of H-O-R-S-E, and later still into trying to catch the balls as they’re thrown in the buckets.

Jeff and Jordan were chosen to play for PoV along with Brendon and Rachel, and Keith and Porsche. Brendon and Rachel proved to be superior comp players once again. The game involved spelling out V-E-T-O, and the other houseguests told them they “killed it.” However, they not only have the victory, but also both have to wear unitards. I suppose that goes with the theme of the season of having both a blessing and a curse.

Brendon will most assuredly not use the veto, meaning the vote will be between Porsche and Keith, and it might be a matter of voting for the worse of the two evils. How will the youth minister face his congregation next week after exposing himself? What was he thinking?

Here’s another thought to toss out there … Will the evicted houseguests get to earn a shot back in the game this year? If so, maybe we haven’t seen the last of Dick Donato in season thirteen.

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