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Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Already? Drama Hits House

Well, that was a quick one. The Big Brother spoilers are already rocking with shockers. The feeds came on around midnight central time, and already there was big drama amongst the houseguests. The producers of the show saw their whole season just about go up in smoke. It just might kill their ratings once word gets out.

As soon as the feeds went live, Danielle was walking around looking for Dick. No one knew where he was. He went into the DR and disappeared. Some in the house believed he was hiding, some believed it was part of the game, and Danielle worried something happened to someone in her family. If that was the case, she was demanding to know what happened.

Porsche was annoyingly explaining to everyone, including the veterans of the show, how it all works, and how she knew what was happening. I’m not sure there’s a side of her that isn’t annoying. Danielle just kept demanding to know what happened. The longer it went on, the more she got upset. She went in the storage room alone and demanded to be told what was going on, then banged on the DR. They wouldn’t let her in and were not forthcoming. She pointed out that in the house rules are if you want to talk to someone in production, it’s your right.

After a few hours of this, around 3:00 AM CT, we got fish, then trivia. When it came back a few hours later, Danielle had the golden key. Dick is gone, but still no one knows what happened. Some still believe he’s hiding somewhere in the house. Others think he could have DORed, but anyone who knows Dick knows he would never DOR. No one mentioned him getting in trouble beforehand or getting into it with anyone, so that really can’t be it. They would have told Danielle if it was someone in her family, so some are wondering if something happened to Dick’s girlfriend that caused him to leave in some type of emergency.

Once Dick was removed from the game, Rachel and Brendon threatened to quit. With Dick gone, they lost someone from their veterans alliance, and Rachel is seeing last year all over again. She doesn’t want the Us Against the World thing anymore. She just wants to get married and have Brendon get his PhD.

Rachel has Keith and Porsche up on the block. Everyone is far too irritated with Porsche and want her gone. Yet Keith is suddenly coming in as a player, so there is talk of getting rid of him instead. If Keith and Porsche win the veto, the suggestion is to get rid of Cassi.  The newbies are hoping to control the house by getting rid of Jeff and Rachel next.

Surely with the newbies having the numbers, if they win HoH next time around they’ll certainly get their wish and be able to get rid of either Jeff or Rachel, leaving either Jordan or Brendon with the golden key. But for any of that to happen, they need to step it up in challenges. You have to give it up to producers for keeping this interesting with that twist, but you know right now they’re banging their heads into the wall after losing Dick so soon.

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