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Last Comic Standing's Little Controversies — Episode 4

Let me start off by asking, what the heck happened to Jim Norton? I missed the first few minutes of the show because, well, my 2-year-old daughter threw a tantrum.

I was ready to join her. I’m nosy. I like to know what happens and it’s not on the NBC site yet. Ugh!

Now, it’s not that I am a major Jim Norton fan. He’s funny enough. I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding him because well, he gets a lot of television work in comparison to some of the other comics on the show. (C’mon, you know you’ve seen him on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. Admit it! I know I’m not the only one who’s watched that show.)

Whatever the reason, he ‘left the island’. Enter runner-up Jim Wiggins. Jim is the geriatric, gravelly-voiced comedian who wears a ball cap over his long, thinning locks. He’s a sweet man, but I am not into his comedy.

I was impressed by his graciousness and his attitude, however. He was tracked down in Topeka, KS of all places, flew in and performed all in the same day with a big smile on his face. Here was a man that appreciated the chance a show like this can give to someone and I have to respect him for that.

First up was John Heffron. He was spot-on and funnier than I’d seen him yet. I guess not knowing what set he was going to do right before he went on stage helped him.

Dan Naturman did very well. He’s not my favorite comic, but he killed. He had Drew Carey in tears from laughing so hard. He should’ve gotten a spot in the finals, but…

Tess and Alonzo Bodden did a little flirting. His set was tight and so were his biceps. Maybe, they’ll make a Love Connection. Wait! Wrong show.

DC Benny admitted that he didn’t do well. I didn’t want to have to be the one to tell him. He mentioned that he may have sabotaged himself. I agree. His timing was off and he mumbled over part of the last joke. I’ve seen him much better than this.

Perhaps, he’d miss his wife too much if he got into the house. She’s really pretty and seems sweet. Who knows? I guess he’ll have plenty of time to contemplate his reasons now at his own home ‘cuz he didn’t get into the house.

Well, just who did get in?

Alonzo Bodden and John Heffron got keys to the house. Tammy Pescatelli got in. I love her Sicilian shtick. I could just see her two, Joe Pesci-like uncles bringing their own, “home-made” wine into Disneyland and laughing at all the ugly babies. I think Tammy and I are related. Our families sound very similar.

Todd Glass was very subdued tonight. I’m not sure if the execs told him to cool it or the lack of sleep was getting to him. I kind of miss the more frenetic Todd. Kind of. Oh yeah, he made it into the house. Big surprise, right?

Rounding out the final five was Jay London, the one-liner sniper. He must have more of them than Gene Perret, long-time writer for Bob Hope and one-liner king. A few of his one-liners knocked me on my butt and that takes a lot, let me tell you. Hooray for Jay!

Did I mention the BIG controversy yet? No. I didn’t. Should I?

If I don’t, you’ll just hear it from someone else. So, here goes.
At the end of the night, Brett Butler and Drew Carey were very upset. It seems that they did not vote for quite a few of the finalists. Neither did Anthony Clarke. (Do I smell some fixin’ problems like American Idol has had?)

Nope. Peter Engel, one of the producers of Last Comic Standing and the man behind Peter Engel Productions, told Brett and Drew that the celebrity talent scouts were only part of the voting process.

Producers and network execs had four votes too and that’s where the difference lay. I just wonder why no one told Brett, Drew or Anthony Clarke about this particular rule prior to this.

Hasta la Tuesday, people. Let’s see what other controversies Last Comic Standing can cook up. I’m out.


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