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So You Think You Can Dance, July 6 – New Choreographers Bring It

Carmen tells Ricky and Ryan they rocked. It was a great music choice, great energy, and they were all together. She thought it was hot. Mary felt it was an experiment on movement, although a little on the quirky side. However, she likes quirky. Ricky was as strong as ever and precise, and Ryan was even more deep in character, “full tilt zombie.”

Nigel agrees and refers to himself as the quirk in Mary’s life, and this piece as “Zombie Zoolander.” He’s glad Chucky has grown up from that devil doll. He, too, loves the quirk, and that they were so together. Travis thinks they killed this, and adds that the hair, makeup, and costume, is amazing, and they held his attention the whole time. They did a great job thrashing themselves around, them coming back for their pirouettes. He sees both of them as top ten material.

Caitlynn Lawson is from Wasihgton State, and is an outdoors girl, as she has two sides to herself. Her dad works overseas, and she misses him a lot. Mitchell Kelly recalls that his dad died when he was 2, and he was homeless for a time. He auditioned in season six but doesn’t think it was his time. They work with Mandy Moore on a piece designed to show their vulnerability, and they’ll have to in all these lifts. They try to get romantic to To Love You More by Celine Dion. They do a great job showing the joy of love. Just pure joy.

After a judges’ standing ovation, Mary tells Mandy Moore that was her favorite number of the night, and Mitchell and Caitlynn it was so beautiful, it brought her to tears. She knows Mitchell is injured, but he gave it his all. He still supported her and didn’t let her be nervous. He’s fearless and uninhibited and that’s what it takes. Nigel calls Mary right, saying the emotion in the routine grabbed us all. The difference between the earlier lifts and these were the others were lifting, then moving; Caitlynn and Mitchell went with the movement. Caitlynn is a stunning dancer. They took his breath away and it was the best of the night.

Travis agrees 100% and says he kept finding himself catching his breath in the lifts. It was gorgeous partnering and unbelievable. Caitlynn is the big surprise for him this season. He would have said, “Girl, you’re crazy,” if anyone would have said in Vegas she’d grow this much. Carmen tells them dance is to be out of yourself, larger, more beautiful, and more powerful. They were all that and even more. She agrees it was the best of the night.

The top seven girls met with Ray Leeper to put together a sexy jazz routine. The story is that these are seven girlfriends whose have the job of ridding the world of evil men. Could we make that eight friends? They dance to My Discarded Men by Eartha Kitt with Bronski Beat, and it’s precision down to each flex of their feet and turn of their heads. Nigel actually jumps up and down in the audience after.

It’s another hard voting week. The heat was turned up by giving most of the usual choreographers the week off and going with newbies. They brought it. Surely Sasha and Alexander are in danger, but Sasha is such a big favorite, it will be interesting to see if the votes pull her out of danger. And if she’s in the bottom three, would the judges get rid of her? It’s hard to say looking at some of their choices the past few weeks.

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