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So You Think You Can Dance, July 6 – New Choreographers Bring It

The judges on So You Think You Can Dance this season aren’t winning over any fans. Their choices for who stays the past two weeks have been less than popular. Some favorites have gone home already, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get any easier as the weeks go by.

Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined at the judges’ table by Carmen Electra and Travis Wall. How weird. I was just thinking we hadn’t seen him choreograph in a few weeks, then wondered why we never saw him on the panel, but here he is!

Carmen explains she started dancing when she was 5, and went to a school where she majored in ballet and modern dance, and won Miss Dance Ohio before she started working with Prince. Travis notes he had to change his pants after getting the call last night to be on the panel. Umm, TMI.

The top seven guys got together with Justin Jiles to learn a choreographed manly routine. He explains it’s about the seven stages of grief. They each represent a man who is going through grief. They dance tonight to Prague by Damien Rice. It’s a wonderful conceptual piece. I think we need to see more of Jiles on the show.

Marko Germar auditioned this season, determined to make a fan of Nigel, who wasn’t when he auditioned last season. He comes from a long line of doctors and lawyers in Guam and on a cruise ship gig, he wasn’t the drag queen, but did have to dress as a girl. Melanie Moore lives outside of Atlanta and went to Fordham University for Art. Her boyfriend was in the audience last week when she kissed Marko. They’re doing kissless jazz this week with Ray Leeper, with a story about two lovers running away. Dancing to Americano by Lady Gaga, and they’re just as passionate as they are in every story they do.

Travis  calls it an amazing way to start the show and notes he’s been taking jazz classes from Ray since he was 9. He tells Marko he is so strong and amazing, and he commands attention, which is hard to do next to Melanie. He thinks he’s one of the strongest male dancers in the competition. Melanie  comes out and makes eye contact with the judges and is by far his favorite dancer in the competition. Carmen tells Melanie her legs are ridiculously strong, and she’s also technically strong. She, too, makes note of their passion.

Mary adds that nothing great is ever produced without passion. They were flying all over the place and always go so deep into the characters. Melanie is strong and technically sound and made it seem so effortless. She’s renaming Marko the Domination Man. He dominated the group number and takes all of us along with him. Nigel appreciates new choreography, especially from Ray. He notes Melanie and Marko’s technique matches their performance. They even walk with such style. He may not have been a fan of Marko’s before, but is now.

Sasha  Mallory’s sister is always in the audience rooting her on after just missing out on being a finalist. They’re from a huge Trinidadian family, and there’s always a party. Alexander Fost started dancing in high school as a way of avoiding gym class. He fell in love with ballet once he started. His dad was an actor in 70s in shows like Barney Miller and Hill Street Blues. They’re working with Shaun Evaristo in a hip hop routine about a first date. They dance to Miguel’s To the Moon tonight, and she’s as amazing as she always is in what seems an 80s-inspired number. He disappears, as usual.

Carmen tells Sasha she was popping so hard, she couldn’t stop watching her. She didn’t get a feel of the two of them together, as her eyes were just drawn to Sasha the whole time. She loved the double aerial. Mary wishes she could say she saw the swag, but she didn’t. It was lacking, and she didn’t find the connection like the one they did in week two that brought her to tears.

Nigel thought it felt like hip hop 101, very simple. He didn’t feel the swag from either of them and felt like it was a Hip Hop for Dummies that lost him. Travis didn’t hate it as much as the others, but he does think they need to work on their musicality, as it felt like they were slushing through it a little. Sasha did better than Alexander with all that though.  I couldn’t cover everything he did here, as he talks extremely fast.


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