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So You Think You Can Dance, June 29 – Love Is in the Air

Mary notes the fox trot is supposed to be gliding, sophisticated, and jazzy in the solo work, and that’s exactly what Clarice and Jess did. Clarice was beautiful, seemingly like she was a fox trotter forever. There isn’t a single dancer in the show who Mary believes could have done the work Jess just did. Kristen calls this her favorite of the night. Just like C said who needs arms, with Clarice, who needs legs, as every arm movement meant something. Together, they’re magic, and it’s like Fred and Ginger, or Gene Kelly.

C knows how much Jean-Marc loves dance, and he knows they just put a face on the smile of his heart. Jess’ physical artistic expression is the definition of sophistication, and as a performer, he’s a phenom. Nigel compliments the costuming, then says it’s as beautiful as Clarice’s dancing. He also compliments both routines of Jean-Marc’s tonight. Jess is a master of this, and he knows many professional dancers who would love Jess’ style in Broadway.

Ricky Jaime was so into dance when he was little, but he messed up in his first performance and started doing his friend’s choreography. Ryan Ramirez was very shy when she was little, but dance helped with that. In her first performance she was four and doing Shirley Temple’s Animal Crackers. They worked with Sonya on a piece about two who are in love and tied together. For Ryan it’s easy to connect to the pain and frustration. They dance to With Every Heartbeat (Acoustic) by Robyn. They’re literally tied together in this dance, and do really well with it.

Kristen doesn’t think there is anyone alive who doesn’t understand being tied in a relationship with someone they shouldn’t be with, even if it’s not a romantic one. Ricky and Ryan conveyed that to her. She’d give anythng for Ricky’s turnout. Ryan is just a beautiful dancer, and the piece was very beautiful as well. C refers to Sonya as the artistic director for everything that is abstract and concrete about emotion and movement. Ricky and Ryan are also a power couple in the competition, murdering every piece. They were only given seven hours to work on this, and people usually have to work for months to get standing ovations like they do. “Buckness.”

Nigel thinks it’s wonderful a choreographer can feel inspired by what happens in their lives. Ricky was thinking of his father, but Nigel knows Sonya was thinking of her father, and it meant a great deal to her. She gives Ricky and Ryan the language that they as dancers have to speak. He’s proud they kept Ryan last week as she delivered, and he couldn’t take his eyes off Ricky. Mary notes some might say Ricky and Ryan were lucky to get contemporary, but they came prepared and got opportunity when they drew Sonya. Their technique was beautiful, and they’re both strong dancers.

Jordan was a  crazy kid and used to growl at people when they’d stare at her. In her first performance did a piece to the Spice Girls. Tadd was a huge nerd as a kid and had the typical Asian bowlcut hair. His dad taught him martial arts to help protect him. His first performance was in Phillipino cultural dances.They’re taking on a Napoleon and Tabitha hip hop that has them waking up in a bed as college students, having to get dressed quickly, as she puts on the wrong clothes. They dance to Memories by David Guetta featuring Kid Cudi. They do some great character work, and it’s a really cute routine.

C jokes he realizes why Jordan wasn’t answering his calls or returning his texts last night. He gives shootouts to Nappytabs again. He loved it all and the execution. He does warn them to make sure they use their whole body when getting down into certain moves. Nigel found that it brought back so many memories to him. The story of the routine overwhelmed the dance, yet it ws great fun, and he’s sure America will love it.

Mary warns everyone to not put their pants on the way Tadd did unless they have B-Boy certification. She thinks they put the whammy on all them and that they have great stage presence. Kristen tells them, “Shut the front door! And the back door, garage door, and all the doors.” They are amazing; that was dessert, and she liked every bite.

Melanie, Jordan, Caitlynn, Ashley, Ricky, Alexander, Jess, and Robert work on the second group number of the night, doing a Dee Caspary contemporary routine. It’s a medieval version of the girls winning the battle again as they’re trying to poison the guys. They dance to Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars, and the women are very dangerously beguiling.

Certainly love was in the air tonight on the show. Every dance somehow had that as a backdrop, and the judges and fans alike were in love with the performances. Despite and because of that, it will make it hard once again to choose three couples as the bottom three. There were no bad performances, yet again.

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