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So You Think You Can Dance, June 29 – Love Is in the Air

The judges’ decision on who to keep last week on So You Think You Can Dance was certainly a surprise. Mostly I was surprised Mary gave up her one and only ballroom dancer without a fight. It will be interesting to see if the judges get what they wanted from the two that stayed this week, or if they start to feel remorseful about keeping them.

Joining Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy on the judging panel tonight, is not only guest judge Kristen Chenoweth, but Lil’ C as well. Kristen, by the way, is releasing her first country album in September. She tells Cat Deely she just follows her heart, and watching this show inspires her every week. Lil’ C has been busy as well, getting his “rap on” and what not. He’s promising a finale show performance.

Tonight the dancers are doing a dance out of the that, and have also been split in half and will do two group performances. However, the judges will not be commenting on those. The theme of the night is baby photos.

The first group is being choreographed by Tyce Diorio, and he makes the comment that the girls are slaying this season, so he’s deciding the girls are going to kick the guys’ asses in the dance. The girls have to sit in chairs, then pick them up and throw them at the guys. Sasha, Ryan, Tadd, Clarice, Miranda, Marko, Chris, and Mitchell do their dance to Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles. I think the girls done kicked their butts.

Sasha Mallory explains she was a tomboy growing up. Her first performance was as a frog in Thumbelina, and is her reason for disliking frogs. Alexander Fost was always dressed in bowties and had the same hairstyle as now. His first performance was in the Lion King. They are doing contemporary with Dee Caspary. It’s a love story, with him remembering her as he plays the piano. Dee wants them to tap into each other’s souls. They dance to Belong by Cary Brothers, and they definitely have that whole tapping in the soul thing down.

Nigel calls it a good start and loves Dee’s idea, with beautiful girls coming out of pianos when you play it. He now sees Sasha as a tomboy frog who turned into a beautiful princess. He feels her movement, but thinks Alexander needs to work more on showing his emotions. Mary loved the love story and concept. She thought they pulled it off and are strong dancers. Alexander does need to dig deeper, even though he’s growing in the character. The power and stage presence Sasha possesses is almost like no other.

Kristen tells Sasha she understands the frog deal, as she played a tulip and a frog peed on her. Her whole life her dance teacher told she made too much noise for such a little girl. Kristen doesn’t care if Sasha makes one sound, as she’s amazing. She loved Alexander and did feel he showed his character and extension. C feels what Dee required was difficult, yet it was done so effortlessly. Sasha is eight notches above perfection.

Caitlynn Lawson was also a tomboy growing up. In her first performance she was doing the duck dance. Mitchell Kelly was a ham growing up and was always told he was too animated. His first performance was playing Leroy in Fame when he was 16. They are doing the samba with Jean-Mar Genereux, who is requiring it to be hot and spicy. He wants their hips to be like speakers. Caitlynn and Mitchell get hot and spicy to Put It in a Love Song by Alicia Keys (featuring Beyoncé). They do well, but perhaps need a little more chemistry between them to pull off the heat completely

Mary found the dance spectacular and thought Caitlynn and Mitchell were both in it and living it. She loved Caitlynn’s foot and hip action and thought it was more loose than it usually is with newbies. She didn’t feel Mitchell looked cheesy, even though males tend to doing the samba on the show. He came from a place of strength. Mary calls them hot tamales. Kristen tells them to shut the front door. Shut the back door, shut the door to the garage. They shut their legs and opened their legs.

C thinks we might need some ventilation with all that door-shutting. There was so much bass from their imaged speakers, he wants the decibels turned down a bit. They all murdered it, and he gives a shoutout to Jean-Marc. For Mitchell, it’s better late than never regarding him being a late bloomer with his dancing. Nigel points out last week Jean-Marc exposed Wadi Jones’ weaknesses in the cha cha, but this week he exposed Mitchell’s strengths. Mitchell is the Chris Rock of So You Think You Can Dance, and brings a great energy to the whole program. The articulation of Caitlynn’s body is perfect.

Miranda Maleski knew what she wanted as a kid, and decided she was getting married after her first day of preschool. Her first performance was tap dancing. Robert Taylor Jr. always wanted to make people laugh as a kid and impersonated Michael Jackson in his first talent show. They’re doing a Broadway number with Tyce. Miranda’s character is an upperclass working girl. Robert is a “groovy cat” that feels the music. They dance to It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) from the Sophisticated Ladies Soundtrack. It’s a really fun number, and he’s surprisingly good.


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