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Expedition: Impossible – Premiere – “There’s Sand Everywhere, Yo.”

So, if you didn’t guess, I was not a fan of Latin Persuasion conceptually or in reality. The ladies were very, very annoying, and had no business being on this show. As the Southern dudes said, albeit in a really obnoxious, sexist way, the way they were dressed they wouldn’t last a minute. To their credit, the ladies did finish the leg, and almost survived, but point well taken. One was wearing a skirt and panty hose – in the physical competition in the desert! They looked like they wondered in from a different show – The Real Housewives of The Bronx. I am very glad they are out, because I cannot think about having to talk about them for the duration of this season.

Those are some complaints, but overall I kind of dug this show. As an Amazing Race fan, it makes sense. I did enjoy Treasure Hunters too. The concept works – the foreign travel, the clues to unravel, the tasks to accomplish. It’s fun. This show can also be a lot of fun. And here are some good things about it.

I liked how they translated the thoughts of the Moroccans who watched the insanity. The Amazing Race does this at times, but rarely among the locals they have gathered at the tasks. Hearing one wondering why the Fab 3 were wearing their socks so high was funny. As was the other one saying he would never take the Latin Persuasion team as his wife – also funny. Although I did laugh out loud when The Host (no idea what the guy’s name is – nor do I care. He is not Phil and has shown me little to make be bother to learn his name) said the region was “fiercely guarded by local warriors” who were accompanying the teams to the starting line. Now if they had to fight their way into the race course, that would have been compelling TV.

I liked that teams had to figure things out. These are always my favorite TAR tasks, and this episode had one good one, and one decent one. Telling teams to find water using the local methods was inspired. Although, I must admit, I guessed it instantly, so to me it wasn’t hard. I mean, where else would you get water in the desert? However, it was good TV to watch AJ of Fab 3 figure it out, convince his reluctant team to start digging, and then have others both join him and doubt him. I only wish they would have filled the holes back up because it was rather unfair to allow the trailing teams to simply fill their bottles in the dug holes. At least make them dig for themselves.

The counting snakes task was not really difficult, but it held with it the huge consequences of losing over an hour of time by sending incorrect teams far out of the way, and then making them redo the task. And the camels task was just lifted totally from TAR – complete to the way we had a portly, bald New Yorker making fun of the beasts. Camels + NY stereotypes = reality show comic gold.

I liked some of the teams we met. I can find myself rooting for No Limits – Erik the Blind Guy is not just a blind guy we are conditioned to root for, the guy is entertaining. And talented. He reminds me of Sarah from AR10, who with one leg could out physical almost anyone. Blind Guy has climbed Everest. He rappelled down a mountain with ease. Dude is tough.

The Fab 3 made an impressive showing, despite the knee high socks. I don’t get the whole “we want to show what gay people are capable of” attitude. Gay people have won Survivor – at least twice by my count (Hatch, Todd). They have won The Amazing Race (Reichen/Chip, Gay Jordan, Kisha, etc.). They have won Project Runway…hmm, ok, bad example. Anyway, they did a really good job in the first episode - and might I add, I would like Kari to wear the teal socks again.

The Footballers are my early pick for the show villains, although Akbar seems to be the only one capable of speaking. And, I think they clearly were not great players, because they seem to be closer to male models than hard-nosed football players. Their scoffing of AJ’s water plan, and then mooching the water once he proved correct, rubbed me the wrong way. We’ll see about these guys.

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