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Last Comic Standing – Episode 3

Ten comics went onstage. They fired their best jokes. Some killed; others tanked, and a few just bombed. Okay, enough with the war metaphors.

By the end of the episode, only five comics got keys to the house and the chance to become the Last Comic Standing.

Tonight, there were four celebrity talent scouts. Tess, a finalist from last season’s LCS, and a self-proclaimed ‘goddess’ was one. When she asked resident comic stud, Gary Gulman, if he got into the house, would he walk around naked, I knew Tess and I were on the same wavelength. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. Oh well.

Gary’s set was good. Actually, he was the funniest he’s been so far. However, he is an attractive comedian and well, that is a rare breed indeed, isn’t it? He’d be a welcome addition to the house, I am sure.

The next talent scout was Drew Carey of The Drew Carey Show, the American version of the British improv classic Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and Gepetto. I bet he wants to forget that credit. I wish I could. I’m still suffering from PTSD because I watched it.

Brett Butler of Grace Under Fire fame was also there as was Anthony Clark. He can currently be seen on CBS’ Yes, Dear.

First up was Jessica Kirson. She’s my personal fave. Being a big, sarcastic woman myself, I root for my own kind. Her performance was a little disappointing, in my own opinion. I’ve seen her elsewhere and felt she could’ve done better. Sorry Jess. I’m still a fan.

Kathleen Madigan gave a great performance but I expected that. I’ve seen her a lot on Comedy Central and she’s one funny lady. Her bit about the pope hit home because well, I’m a Catholic and I’ve often thought the poor man needs to go to an old pope’s home. He does look ill.

I also loved Monty Hoffman. If he looks familiar, that’s probably because he’s appeared on lots of sitcoms including The Drew Carey Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Married with Children, and Roseanne, among others. Even my son thought he was funny; and, well, he’s tough to impress. He didn’t laugh this much at Shrek 2.

Ant got into the house this year. Last year, he missed out. I was glad for him. His dad was in the audience and saw him perform his act for the first time. The father/son moment was a nice touch. Way to go, Ant!

I must admit that I wasn’t impressed with Kerrie Louise’s act or Bonnie McFarlane’s. I thought Kerrie’s husband, Tom Cotter, was a much better comedian. Kerrie and Bonnie are also roommates and not the best of friends.

Actually, Bonnie caused quite a bit of controversy on this episode. She started off her set with a joke that included a nasty word which rhymes with bunt. You figure it out.

Some of the other contestants expressed their opinions about how inappropriate it was as did host Jay Mohr. I have to admit I agree with them. I know that’s not going to be a popular statement.

Bonnie also stirred up some drama this evening by being awfully friendly with the guys and alienating some of the gals. Todd Glass, who didn’t perform tonight, irritated his roommate and several of the other comics as well. I wonder if that means he’s a shoo-in to get into the house tomorrow night.

Dan Ahdoot was real funny; but I’d like to see a few new jokes from him. I love the jokes about his family. He puts a fresh spin on a tried and true topic.

It’s too bad there were only five keys to the “house”.

So, whether you agree with the decision or not, here were the “winners” from tonight: Gary Gulman, Kathleen Madigan, Ant, Bonnie McFarlane and Corey Holcomb.

Watch tomorrow’s episode and find out who gets in and who gets irritated.


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