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So You Think You Can Dance, June 23 – Handicapping the Top 16

5. Ricky Jaime, 18, of Miami, FL. He paired with Ryan Ramirez on a lyrical hip hop in the first week, and a sexy jazz number this week that was kind of missing the sexy. They’re kind of a mismatch as far as partners go, as she almost seems stronger than he does. Either Nick or Wadi would have seemed to be a better partner for Ryan.

6. Mitchell Kelly, 20, of Chicago, IL. He couldn’t dance with partner Caitlynn Lawson on doctors orders, but completely rocked his quick solo last week. This week they took on contemporary, dancing from easy chairs. If he stays healthy, he could be around awhile.

7. Chris Koehl, 21, of Garland, TX. He paired with Ashley Rich on a hip hop routine to Cee-Lo Green’s Forget You in the first week, and this week on a terrific Broadway routine through cell bars. He was impressive despite not having much training other than as a B-Boy.

8. Caitlynn Lawson, 18, of Moses Lake, WA. She is paired with Mitchell Kelly who wasn’t allowed to dance on doctor’s orders, so danced a contemporary number with Robert Roldan instead in the first week. This week she and Mitchell danced a contemporary routine from chairs, and he ended up punching her in the nose. Regardless, they seem to complement each other well.

9. Jess LeProtto, 18, of Little Falls, NJ. He danced with partner Clarice Ordaz on a Broadway number in his first week, and ended up in the bottom seven dancers because of his arrogance. After dancing a contemporary routine this week, he came up short with the lifts. Surprisingly, he was safe this week. He needs to join Tadd in the ‘tude check.

10. Miranda Maleski, 19, of Pittsburgh, PA. She paired with Robert Taylor Jr. on a 60s-era routine set to a Bruno Mars song in the first week, and ended up in the bottom three, then did a really funky woodpecker hip hop this week. They were amazing, and if they keep that up, will be around to make the top 10.

11. Sasha Mallory, 23, of Bakersfield, CA. She  is partnered with Alexander Fost, and they took on a Travis Wall routine the first week, and the Napoleon and Tabitha hip hop routine about the soldier coming back from the war this week. She’s a fan favorite, so will be safe for some time yet.

12. Melanie Moore, 19, of Marietta, GA. She paired up with Marko Germar on a Travis Wall routine this first week, and the Sing with a Swing jazz number this week. From the looks of it so far, we won’t even need to think of her not being safe until after they get split up at top 10.

13. Clarice Ordaz, 19, of Whittier, CA. She partnered up with Jess LeProtto on a jazz routine and ended up in the bottom three the first week, then seemed vulnerable when he struggled to do the lifts in a contemporary number this week. Somehow, they escaped the bottom three. She needs to always shine, as that partner of hers could land her in the bottom three again with his arrogance.

14. Ryan Ramirez, 18, of Morgan Hill, CA. She was paired up with Ricky Jaime on a lyrical hip hop in week one, and a sexy jazz number this week, placing them in the bottom three. The judges really like her, despite not letting her in the finalists last year, but did her a great disservice in keeping Ricky as her partner.

15. Ashley Rich, 22, Emeryville, CA. She partnered up with Chris Koehl doing hip hop to Forget You and an amazing prison-themed Broadway routine this week. Her gorgeous smile will help keep her safe, her dancing will ensure she’s safe.

16. Robert Taylor Jr., 30, of Brooklyn, NY. He partnered up with Miranda Maleski and was told he needs to tone down the personality and show more dancing in week one, and this week did just that in a woodpecker-themed hip hop. Whatever he did this week, he needs to keep doing.

Waiting a week didn’t seem to make this elimination any easier. It was still an extremely tough decision, no matter how easy Nigel made it look at the end. He, Mary, and their guest judges are going to have tough decisons like this each week, then will probably breathe sighs of relief at top 10 when they are relieved of the duty and the voters accept full responsibility for who goes home.

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