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So You Think You Can Dance, June 22 – Can We Keep All 20 Again?

Mary notes that everyone has a voice when they dance, and Marko and Melanie are speaking loud and clearly. Every week she worries about certain dancers, but she never feels like she has to worry about these two, as they seem like they can handle everything they throw at them.l Even when he lost his hat, he knew he had a certain amount of time to get it back on and catch her. He was there for her, and Melanie is a fabulous technical dancer.

Debbie did worry when Melanie jumped in the air and Marko had lost his hat. A new generation would be lost, as they’re both such stars. Nigel would have said it’s a little early to talk about stars, but he really thinks Debbie is right. The gods of dancing must have been smiling when they were put together. He thinks dancing should be 50% standards and 50% passion, and they both have that.

Alexander Fost rats out Sasha Mallory, saying she sweats like a dude, which she explains is because she works hard. She follows up saying that he likes to look at himself in the mirror. They’re working with Napoleon and Tabitha on a hip hop about a soldier coming back from Afghanistan and seeing his wife, and they worry about reconnecting, but do in a big way. Dancing to Coming Home by Diddy-Dirty Money & Skylar Grey, it s amazing how they pull of the emotion of a contemporary in a hip hop routine.

Debbie notes Alexander and Sasha were given such a tough job, as not only was it difficult dancing, even though they did and were beautiful dancers, but they had to act and give them a story that made they cry. They did, and they loved them. Mary admits it’s a story that’s too close for her. She just hopes everyone gets to come home, and besides the story, the fact that Sasha’s anguish come out, and he just feels it.

Nigel just finds it so ironic they were ten minutes late because President Obama was telling the world the troops would be done coming home by 2012. They showed all the passion and emotion that will come from the reunions, as well as dancing it so well. He understands why his colleagues were so upset watching it. He has to give it up to Napoleon and Tabitha as well.

Ashley Rich and Chris Koehl are up last. She explains when he gets nervous he starts to smile really big. He knows she thinks she has swag, but she doesn’t. The entire week of hip hop she came in in her little high tops and hoodies, and her crooked hat. They’re working with Spencer Liff on a Broadway routine. She’s a woman visiting her man in jail, meaning they have to dance with a set of bars between them. The song Please, Mr. Jailer by Rachel Sweet provides the background for their dance. It’s an amazing routine as they carry it off with a dirty, sultry passion.

Nigel congratulates Spencer on the routine. He also mentions how he was talking with Mary and Debbie about the show, and they were saying none of them would do well on the show, as it’s just so difficult to be doing different genres. They just saw a hip hop boy like Chris do this wonderful jazz-Broadway routine. He can only stand back and admire, and he knows Spencer said how hard Chris worked. He hopes Chris will be there for many weeks doing that, and hopefully the next time he’s in prison, Ashley will come and visit.

Mary can only say let this man go, as he needs to go home to Debbie’s house. Sometimes it’s just a matter of one degree one way or another. If 212 degrees is hot, and 213 is boiling, the boilet water should be enough to power a steam engine. She asks Nigel if he knows what she’s talking about, and he does, as she does her scream. It’s obviously the tamale train. Debbie notes that Elvis Presley made jailhouse rock famous, but look what these two did for it tonight. They’re just wonderful.

This week was supposed to make it easier to figure out who to get rid opf, but honestly it’s still too hard to figure out. The three couples in the bottom two will likely be three that performed closer to the beginning of the night, as it’s hard to remember back that far, and everyone was memorable. They’re bound to do just as well at their solos, too, as they did last week. It’ll be tough tomorrow night to say goodbye to four of them.

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