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So You Think You Can Dance, June 22 – Can We Keep All 20 Again?

Nick Young has noticed that every time Iveta Lukosiute looks into a mirror, she talks to herself. She has noticed he always wears shorts on his chicken legs, no matter what style of dance he’s doing. They’re doing Bollywood with Nakul Dev Mahajah. He calls this number lightening fast. Nick can only say, “Are you serious?” Iveta thinks the audience will feel their energy. They dance to Baawre from the Luck by Chance soundtrack. It’s as ordered – fast.

Nigel always finds Bollywood entertaining and thought they did it with a lot of panache. Everyone is always out of their genre doing this, and he knows this isn’t one of the ten ballroom styles Iveta is a champion of. If they balance it against others that did Bollywood, he thinks the others are stronger, yet the others were in the top 10 when they did it. Mary found them super-entertaining, and thinks Iveta shines. They have great chemistry as well. Debbie feels twenty year younger just to be invited . To do this type of dancing would freak her out, but she found them terrific.

Miranda Maleski says Robert Taylor Jr. is a grown man and still thinks that he’s a pro wrestler. He retaliates, saying that she has a little crush on Tadd. Now that’s a secret! They’re dancing a hip hop choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo. In a routine where they’re both woodpeckers, Miranda refers to herself as a baby pecker. They hip hop tonight to Break Ya Neck by Busta Rhymes. We expected him to be amazing at this, but she’s just as amazing in it, although she does do the fall I jokingly suggested at the beginning.

Mary always gets nervous when they’re imitating animals, but this absolutely worked for these two. She doesn’t know where the Dumos keep coming up with ideas, but she appreciates it. Even though Robert is hip hop, he’s a freestyler, and she thinks he did an amazing job on the choreography. She ask who Mirando is, as she was hard-hitting and had a swagger going on. Debbie thinks Miranda and Robert are fabulous, tough, and great. She was just mesmerized by them. She also fits in a Woody Woodpecker imitation.

Nigel is worried about how many dancers Debbie is taking home with her tonight. He loved tonight’s routine, and notes Miranda amazed him last week, but tonight she shocked him again, as he thinks she’s the best contemporary dancer he’s seen do hip hop. Even when she fell after her somersault, she picked herself up and carried on. Robert didn’t do a single “wooh,” and just concentrated on the dance.

Jess LeProtto narcs on Clarice Ordaz, saying she sleeps with her eyes open. She gets her payback saying Jess draws stick figure orchestras and thinks they’re marvelous. Stacey Tookey is putting them through a contemporary routine with them taking on royal characters. He has a hard time with the lifts, leading Clarice to not feel like a princess. They dance to Cathedrals Jump Little Children, and he manages the lifts, but definitely is still experiencing difficulty with them.

Debbie tells Jess and Clarice they both touched her heart, so she’s going to take them both home with her along with Wadi. She needs more children. Nigel enjoyed parts of it. He loved the separate work they did, but sometimes when they came together, it felt a little uncomfortable to him. He’s a little worried since they were in the bottom three last week. Mary tells Jess his emotions were perfect with his great dancing, and she loved when he did the backbend up, as it was so much control.  “Miss Legs” proved again what a beautiful dancer she is.

Tadd Gadduang is a bit rude when he says Jordan Casanova isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, as she thought So You Think You Can Dance had their own airlines as she looked at her Vegas ticket. She explains he has OCD issues, color-coordinating and folding his shirts perfectly by color and packing them in Ziploc baggies. They’re doing a Viennese Waltz with Jean-Paul Genereux. He spends a lot of time talking to them about space. Tonight they dance to Fade Into Me by David Cook. My untrained eye finds it enjoyable and thinks they do quite well.

Nigel calls it just so beautiful as they talk about the rise and fall. Jordan is such a beautiful dancer and her arabesque is just ridiculous. Tadd worries him because if Debbie takes him home tonight, they won’t need to worry about cutting anyone. Hee needs to remind Tadd that he is a B-Boy. His presentation was fantastic and probably the best he’s seen a B-Boy dance something like this.

Mary tells Tadd he is for her the biggest surprise of the season. When most get this style it’s done so frantically, but he had a perfect cool on him. Jordan has transformed herself into one of the most beautiful ballroom dancers. Debbie compares them to Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, and Cyd Charisse. That’s one helluva compliment.

Marko Germar knows Melanie Moore has an issue with people touching her ears, and she knows that he loves to read romance novels. They are dancing jazz with Mandy Moore. It’s a fast dance with hats, and puts a new twist on an old song. They’re dancing to Sing with a Swing (Raf Marchesini Radio Edit) by DKs. They’re just as inviting on this as they were in their statue routine last week..


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