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So You Think You Can Dance, June 22 – Can We Keep All 20 Again?

Nigel Lythgoe escaped the vote last week by taking the easy way out, but he’s going to have to make a decision this week, and it’s going to have to be two couples leaving. It’s not like it’s Sophie’s Choice or anything, but it is a tough one. If someone comes out and does really badly and falls all over the place it’ll be easy to figure out who to send home, but that doesn’t seem very likely.

On the judging panel this week we have Nigel, Mary Murphy, and guest judge Debbie Reynolds, referred to as a living legend by Cat Deeley. Nigel and Mary give her a standing O, and as she takes a bow, Cat compares her to the Queen. When Cat tells her it’s fantastic to have her there, Debbie cracks that it’s fantastic to be alive.They show a clip from Singin’ in the Rain, and it’s just fabulous! Fabulous, i tell you! (Sorry, I think Mary’s spirit is overtaking me.)

This week the dancers are being asked to give it up on their partners, and tell what their partner has been hiding from America.

Ricky Jaime knows that Ryan Ramirez has leg hairs that grow really fast. She’s a little embarrassed. She pays him back by giving up his secret that his given name is really Roderick. I think he won this battle though. They’re dancing a Mandy Moore jazz routine that they promise is really sexy. They’re a little immature still, and know pulling off the sexy thing is going to be a little tough. They dance to Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer. The dancing is superb, but I don’t necessarily buy the sexiness between them.

Nigel thinks Roderick and Ryan stepped off the hot tamale train for a little break. They’re contemporary dancers and used to smooth movement, but he calls it so raunchy he wanted to throw a bucket of water on them. He compares the sexual tension to what he and Mary have.

Mary knows she is addicted to the two of them and is happy it wasn’t too X-rated. Ryan was strong with a lot of power and a wired vixen. Ricky was in the character the whole time and really brought it. She had a lot of trust in him. Debbie never saw anyone dance sexier. She mentions Ryan falling out of her top and her bottom, as Debbie realized she gave them her all.

Mitchell Kelly gives up Caitlynn Lawson’s secret that her boots make her feet blue and nasty. She tells his secret, that he likes to wear his zebra print snuggie. They’re dancing contemporary, choreographed by Stacey Tookey. The story has them in a relationship gone wrong, but she can’t bring herself to break up with him. They dance to Turning Tables by Adele and dance from two easy chairs, and she’s just as amazing as she was last week with Robert Roldan, but Mitchell is that good as well. She has tears in her eyes as she comes up to Cat because he accidentally punches her.

Mary tells Mitchell she is so grateful the show decided to let everyone stay last week, as it allowed them to see him, and he was amazing, and they have such believable chemistry. Caitlynn defies gravity and is flawless, making Mary want to see them further outside their style. Debbie notes they were so beautiful and dramatic, Caitlynn bled for them. Her extension and everything was lovely. Nigel found it to be remarkable, with drama, as he felt Caitlynn’s inner turmoil. He looks at it like dance is the language of the soul, and that came across.

Missy Morelli explains she saw a video that showed Wadi Jones using ladies hair removal cream on his chest, but he notes he it hurt his boobs. He doesn’t really divulge a secret of hers, but mocks her laugh. They’re doing a Jean-Marc Genereux cha-cha, and it’s another dance that’s supposed to be hot and spicy … and suicidal compared to Jean-Marc, as it’s the most difficult he ever choreographed for the show. Dancing to Ke$ha’s Cannibal, it’s the sultry that wasn’t necessarily there with Ryan and Ricky.

Debbie tells Wadi for never doing the cha cha before, he chewed it up. “Muy bueno. Muy bueno.” Nigel notes last week a lot of the dancers got their own genre, but the show is about doing something different. He keeps it real with Wadi and tells him wherever strength was needed, like in partnering, it was there, but when it came ot technique, it was missing a little. Missy was everything he could have hoped for and was really taking care of herself.

Mary starts with the spectacular beginning, then explains Wadi did fall short in the dancing. He needs to drop the weight and center himself and make his body more rhythmical. Missy is the cah cha queen, though. Mary thinks she looked like the pro on Dancing With the Stars, and Wadi the celebrity. Debbie offers to take Wadi home, as he can cha cha with her anytime.


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