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Top Chef Masters 3 – Finale –Steph Continues To Stand Alone

Quickfire Hits
• Strange that in a finale the chefs really don’t start doing anything until a quarter of the episode was over. There was a lot of time dedicated to talking heads, sous chefs and Floyd’s adventures with LA traffic. Prep time didn’t start for a while.
• I must give some shout outs to the exec chefs from home – Traci and Morgan Mueller, Mary Sue and Jamie Covairubras, and Floyd and Ty Katz. That last one was my orthodontist.
• Once Mary Sue elected to “settle” for shrimp rather than search for the lobster of choice, I thought she would have troubles. I mean, it’s lobster…
• Floyd really gambled by running around to get the ingredients. He really ran the risk of not plating his meal. Well, nothing ventured nothing gained. Mary Sue had 4:15 to cook, Traci four hours. Floyd didn’t show up until he had only three hours left of prep time. Big risk.
• As a result of the LA traffic, Floyd said, “Mary Sue, I hate your city.” The question is…does he still hate LA?
• I did a double take as I thought Mary Sue said she was making shrimp and gerbil mousse.
• How cute are Susan and Mary Sue? I question the wisdom of bringing in Mary Sue’s business partner to provide critique. I know why she was there, but I think she should have had to recuse herself.
• The focus placed on Traci’s “interpretation” of Gael’s duck dish was massive bad foreshadowing for Traci’s fate.
• Mary Sue used Blais’ liquid nitrogen machine for her ice cream. If it is not the Blais LiNi Machine yet, it should be. And yes, I am going to try to make LiNi happen.
• Extra scene – Stone cooking brunch for the chefs – Hamachi appetizer and sunchoke soup.
• Dany called Mary Sue and Susan the “Laverne and Shirley” of food, thanks to Susan’s story of the two of them sharing a bike in the good ole days. I am just thrilled Dany made a Laverne and Shirley reference. Where’s the Big Ragu?

And now, Bravo gives me a gift. A break. Whew, a week next week with no Top Chef!!! In fact, none for several weeks. Thanks for the reprieve. Will see you soon in Bravo land – but until then, enjoy not having me ramble about food for a few weeks.

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