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So You Think You Can Dance, June 15 – Whoop Ass Can of Dancing

The judges gives Melanie and Marko a standing ovation, and it’s well-deserved. Mary says every once in awhile on the show, a number comes along that is so magical, with a perfect partnership, an amaing piece, and amazing choreography. She thinks Melanie and Mark have always had the judges at hello, and it was just breathtaking.

Megan agrees, as she had chills and tears and found it beautiful. As Oprah would say, “Wow wow wow.” Nigel notes it’s just the first week, but it could be the first Emmy-nominated routine. The chemistry was fantastic, and he can’t believe Marko still has the bullet in his shoulder. There were a few stumbles, which NIgel was glad to see, as it reminded him they still have a way to go. He doesn’t think there’s ever been a better female dancer on the show than Melanie.

Ashley Rich loves waffles and peanut butter toast. She’s with Chris Koehl, who is from Texas and one of seven kids. They’re doing hip hop with Christopher Scott. The story has them finding out they were both cheating on each other, and she wonders what he was thinking cheating on “all of this.” They dance to Forget You by Cee Lo Green. The beginning is really hokey, but they bring amazing ‘tude later in the dance. It’s hard to follow up the last dance though.

Nigel thought it wa a fun routine, but seeing the Cat Daddy in the dance, he thought Christopher stole that from him after he learned it in the auditions. When Chris pulled tha tbra out, Nigel wondered why she didn’t question him being a cross dresser. He also wonders if audiences will go for the big technical numbers this year or the fun. Chris notes he’s never studied this type of thing or in this way before, so it was almost as new as it was was for Ashley, a ballerina.

Mary calls it pure entertainment and loved how Ashely threw him down then came back with swagger. Megan  loved the cheating thing in the beginning and finds them so great technically. Overall she thinks this show has the greatest costumes, hair and makeup of any show hands down.

Iveta Lukosiute is originally from Lithuania and wants to have a monkey, but it’s illegal in New York. She’s paired up with Nick Young, who only gets out his name and that he’s fun in his eight seconds. They get ballroom, taught by Jason. He doesn’t think these two could be any more different. Iveta plans to make Nick work hard, even through lunch. They’re dancing to Ballroom Blitz by Sweet. With this song it has to be the dreaded quickstep. For being a tap dancer, he has a great frame.

Megan tells Nick it was incredible for a tap dancer. Iveta is so elegant in the way she always finishes everything off, but Nick was still so entertaining. Nigel notes Iveta is the world champion of the quick step, so she must have been excited, while Nick must have been thinking it was the dance of death. Nick has fabulous feet and came up to the stretch right next to the world champion. Mary runs down the list of what a good quickstep should have and notes they had it all.

In some ways it seems like a redo of last Thursday watching the top 20 dancing tonight, as they seemed like they all came pretty close to getting their own styles.  That said, it was fabulous. There wasn’t anyone that I watched and thought, well, they’re not going to be around long. The only person was Iveta, and that’s just because her personality isn’t very warm, and she’s the oldest at 30, on top of it all. She might have a tough haul with the voters. But all-in-all, I think Mary’s assessment of Missy and Wadi applies to all. It was a whoop ass can of dancing.

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