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So You Think You Can Dance, June 15 – Whoop Ass Can of Dancing

Nigel is happy to have Christopher on the show, although he notes at one time choreographers only had to worry about the steps, not the mini teleplay. He warns the dancers to be careful of their emotions, as he wasn’t always sure what it was about. Ryan stands out among the sea of outstanding girls this season, and Ricky did the style justice with  his background.

Mary thinks it must’ve been hard for Ricky to pretend in the story, since she was always there, and he was always touching her. She and Nigel sat there discussing the story, not being able to figure it out. She agrees with Nigel’s assessment of their talent. Ryan tries to explain the story, but it doesn’t help. Megan thought he was very affective with a sense of urgency, and found it kind of beautiful.

Caitlyn Lawson is from a small town and likes the color green. She’s dancing with Mitchell Kelly who is allergic to onions, but loves chocolate. They are dancing jazz, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. He’s feeling tens across the board since he has such a pretty partner, but she just finds him sweaty and gross. Medical advice has told Mitchell to sit this performance out, so standing in for this performance is Robert Roldan. He and Caitlin are dancing to In for the Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix) by La Roux. It’s remarkably good, and every bit a professional performance.

Mary found Caitlin definitely in for the kill and thought she was lucky to have Sonya as a choreographer, because she always gives such strong, powerful movements, and Caitlin has the strong legs for it. She was brilliant tonight. Mary just hopes we see Robert back as an All Star. Megan loves Sonya’s message about accomplishing without fear, but with strength and power. Nigel notes it was a tough week for Caitlyn to do Sonya’s choreography, then to lose her partner and do it with Robert. He agrees with Mitchell that it was “tens across the board.”

Miranda Maleski still sleeps with a night light and likes spicy something, hopefully food. She is being paired with Robert Taylor Jr., the Woo Man, who loves to cook fried chicken and is a fan of professional wrestling. Apparently he also likes impersonating Urkel. Miranda needs “how to be a sexy girl” lessons from Jason. They’re dancing to Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars.  It’s a 60s-era number, which of course Robert brings personality to, forcing Miranda to disappear, even with the sexy girl thing.

Megan has to wait out the applause, noting you’d have to be in a coma not to love that dance. She really loves that goofy quality that Miranda seems to have, and Robert is her Top 20 crush. She did find them off a little bit when doing the pony. Nigel agrees that Robert might possibly have the biggest personality, and it could be beneficial or hurt him. Nigel wants him to remember it needs to be about dancing, though, so he might have to tone that down. Nigel wants more confidence from Miranda. Mary found it fun, fun, fun, and was dancing in her seat. She loved Miranda’s dancing and thought Robert stole the show, even if he didn’t have his toes pointed.

Missy Morelli likes yoga, likes to talk with an Jamaican accent, and wants to marry an Australian. She’s paired up with Wadi Jones, who who was born in Jamaica, but loves the Japanese culture. Maybe Missy can learn to live Jamaicans as much as Aussies. They’ll be doing jazz with Sean Cheesman, who has them being weird clones coming out of Pandora’s box. They dance to Judas (Rehab Remix) by Lady Gaga, fittingly. It kind of has a slow start, but they get more excitement going with this towards the end.

Nigel thinks what’s so exciting for him is that when the dancers are this good, it inspires the choreographers to do better and better work. This is the best work he’s seen from Sean ever. Missy is without question one of the beasts this year with control, technique, and performance. He doesn’t think they’ve ever had such great hip hop guys who learn the styles so quickly, making them thrilling. The end routine with him gives him hopes of what’s to come, as Wadi is brilliant.

Mary thinks if the two of them thought they looked like sexy demons, they were right. Out of Pandora’s Box came a “whoop ass can of dancing.” She never knew Wadi had that in him. Megan agrees not only is it amazing, but she just learned Wadi had never partnered before, and Missy is a full-on powerhouse.

Melanie Moore  collects nail polish and really wants to be on Ellen DeGeneres. She’s partnered with Marko Germar who is from Guam and doesn’t have a sore throat; his voice just sounds that way. They get contemporary with Travis, who questions if they can be as amazing partners as they are singly. They dance to Turn to Stone by Ingrid Michaelson and are painted like statues. You’d have to have perfect technique to pull of being a statue, and they do. It’s the first “moving” experience of the night and the season.


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