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Top Chef: Masters – Ep 9 – It Was Hawaii Which Killed The Beast

Quickfire Hits
• Beast’s Dad mentioned how Beast comes home and takes over the kitchen and Traci responds “and we know how.” Heh. Beast takes the jab well, so any clashes felt in the early eps with Beast’s aggressiveness seems long gone.
• How cute was Floyd’s sis – “I hope I did you proud.” Awww.
• One of the few eps of any reality show that featured a photo of Vice President Biden. Although I think a reality show following the day-to-day life of Joe Biden would be rather amazing.
• Hey, people who are fighting immigration reform – how about Mr. Marine becoming a U.S. citizen while serving in the Marines. There are many more where he came from. Like, well, Floyd, 15 years ago. The problem is that because the waiting list to legally come here from Latin America, India, Pakistan, etc. is sooooooooo long, people get desperate. The whole system needs a kick in the ass. Can’t we all just get along?
• Was just typing and looked up to the episode and the freeze frame I left it on to catch up with my thoughts and I had it frozen as Beast was leaning over the counter talking to Mrs. Army. Um…sorry about that Beast, because, well, TMZ just called and asked for the screen shot.
• I always find it interesting when these elite chefs express reservations or unfamiliarity of such simple things as meatloaf.
• Floyd showing more of his nerd cred – “…and one nanosecond.”
• Was that the shortest prep time we have ever seen on this show? More time to show the heartwarming troop family stories.
• Um, is it me or did Dany get really “dolled up” for this week’s episode? Men in uniform, it always does it. Meanwhile, Bert and Ruth couldn’t have been more out of place in that room. Elite New York food critics and the military don’t often rub elbows.
• Was curious why one of the four couldn’t have been a returning female vet. Not that big of a deal, but I think it would have been nice.
• I love when they ask what it’s like to be back from Afghanistan. Um, it’s awesome to be around people not trying to kill me, thanks for asking Stone.
• I remember seeing Goat of Questionable Quality during their East Coast tour in the early 90s. What ever happened to that band? I loved their epic ballad – “You Can Never Go Wrong With Bacon” and the dance standard, “He Wasn’t Kidding Around With That Margarita.”
• How could they leave Mary Sue behind as they go for judging with those mini cupcakes? And how did she not inhale them?
• Beast’s last line – “To be so close and not make the Finale…it really sucks.” Take comfort – the Fourth Place Club has a new member. Tons of awesome contestants on Idol, Survivor, Amazing Race and Top Chef have wound up in fourth – Yau Man, Daughtry, Carla, Clowns, Eliza, Frat Guys, Tiffany, Zev/Justin, the list is rather long.

Next week – Another surprise. Floyd is late. Mary Sue messes up. Last year’s finalists show up, including Mary Sue’s business partner. And we have Tom back.

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